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Phillip Meshekey on Make No Bones About It. August 19, 2018 4pm

Phillip Meshekey was born December 17th, 1978 in Oakland/Berkeley CA. A member” of the Little traverse bay bands of Odawa indians in northern Michigan, or Waganakising (crooked tree) Odawa (ottawa) of the Anishinaabek (fell from stars) Nation, also part Ojibway, Mohawk, French, and Pomo. A first Nations poet, speaker, and Artisvist for lack of a better description. Phillip grew up back & forth from the hoods to the woods, from the burbs to the rez, in and out of institutions, jails, orphanages & foster homes. In his survival, and in his blossoming years he considers himself not much at all, but someone blessed enough to have surviving his out his asleep dreams in the awake, and offering those gifts to the people native, and non native. He just wants to write and create the poetry..along with the music, and it’s not easy with all the street, political & genocidal generational traumas that still stalk the burial ground called his mind. Even though he is now a dedicated red road walker and advocate, the best he can anyways. He calls himself not a role model, but rather the opposite of a role model, showing people what not to do by doing it, and sometimes opposite of one way or another..just is contrary to popular beLIEfs & CONcepts.

A former student & “occupier” at DQUniversity (Deganawidah Quetzalcoatl University) in Davis Ca (2007 2011) Phillip has since abandoned certain forms of political activism, and centered himself in the arts known as ARTivism, and continuing in his community outreach even though his public speaking & native rights activism started at at eleven. Phillip offers poeTree presentations by himself, or with “backWordz Medicine” a native collective of contrary artivists, and collective of musical genres & media projects, as in spoken word tribal voice, native aCoupstic hip hop, rock, reggae, blues, and mixtures/styles yet to be boxed. His style of poetry is to the bone, what he calls a contrary style of thinking writing & speaking. All people are poets, but to some it’s a true daily & nightly medicine. He is an admitted & confirmed medicine addict.

John Trudell said this about Phillips poetry:

“People who listen, should listen to this, people who don’t listen, should listen to this, everyone’s should listen to this!”

Phillip has yet to have an official hardcopy cd release. He has recorded a handful of songs featuring: Ras K’dee, Cempoalli 20, Goodshield, Xochitlahuia, Naturall man a.k.a Dojon Banks Peake, and wankiya waci. Phillip has shared the stage with: Floyd Redcrow Westerman, John Trudell, India Arie, Stephen & Julian Marley, Audiopharmacy, Cempoalli 20 & the Bluntest, Winona LaDuke, Fred Hampton Jr, UB-40, Gentleman, Toots & the Maytals, Taj Mahal, Kris Kristopherson, The Coup, Goddess Alchemy Project, Blackfire & more. He has performed at an array of events small and “big” like: snag magazine benefits, Reggae Rising, Earthdance,13 indigenous grandmother fundraisers, and the Oregon country fair. He is currently offering bookings for solo performance, and or with live drum, and also private & public speaking engagements. Also in the works a book of Poety & writing “Rants of a deadbeat indian” and a short filmed titled “The Rez brothers” with Dojon Banks of the Peake. Phillip lives in the redwoods deep in northern California.. “the last stronghold on earth” as he calls it. Phillip is currently looking to book more 2012 tour dates.

“Must not become the opressor, my ARTivism is by way of ceremony, poetry, or lecture” -Phillip Meshekey –

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