December 21, 2020 Happy Winter Solstice


December 21, 2020
Winter Solstice
Been up with the many across our universe sending out prayers and messages of thanksgivings. As this year is rapidly coming to a close the question that comes into my thoughts are “ Are we all willing to work together through love and kindness to put a stop to whats coming and change the direction of our collective future.” We need to dig deeper for the truth if we all intend to survive. Ask yourself do you want to live as Creation intended or exist as the people in authority want us to. Quite frankly as slaves. Meaning only exist enough to fuel their systems of death. I pray everyday for liberation for us all of a system that truly does not give a shit whether we live or die. If 2020 did not open your eyes to what is really going on I am not sure what will. My continued prayers for us all on this journey. I pray to the holys everyday for their love, guidance, protection and continue clarity of stay in the prayer we got this. Much love to you all. Let us truly work together in 2021 so we all can live.
Waiting on an angel,
Raven Redbone

One response to “December 21, 2020 Happy Winter Solstice

  1. so true – if 2020 did wake you up I don’t know what will. 2020 has been full of opportunities 🙂

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