Brian Yazzie (Yazzie the Chef) on “Make No Bones About It.” – June 17th, 2018 4pm

Brian Yazzie (Yazzie the Chef) is a Diné  from Dennehotso, Arizona which is located on the Notheastern part of the Navajo Nation. Yazzie has a degree in Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts from Saint Paul College. He focuses on bringing together hyper-local and regional indigenous ingredients to help revitalize a healthy indigenous cuisine. He brings creativity to ancestral knowledge through modern techniques. Yazzie the Chef is available for private dinners, chef demos & collaborations, as well as educational demonstrations.  He also currently serves as the Chef de Cuisine at The Sioux Chef in Minneapolis, MN and a team member on I-Collective.


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One response to “Brian Yazzie (Yazzie the Chef) on “Make No Bones About It.” – June 17th, 2018 4pm

  1. Culture is the weave that holds people together. At the center of culture is food: This is a sacred element which connects family with neighbors, friends, and distant relatives across generations. In our country, we get to enjoy neighborhood Italian or Chinese restaurants, where patrons re-connect with what was the glue for grandparents and their parents before them. Yet, where are our First Peoples foods and accompanying restaurants? What is the Indigenous cuisine that weaves together and builds our original nations of the Lakota, Ojibwa, Iroquois, or Yurok? How strong can culture be, without our Indigenous foods sustaining us, connecting us to our ancestors? 

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