Chief Arvol Lookinghorse August 2022

Wopila tanka to all those that attended and offered prayers to Wiwang Wac’ipi.

I continue to remind everyone to stay in prayer for the many issues we are facing as an Oyate in your own communities that seem to pull and divide our Oyate.

Don’t pay attention to people that bring hurt to your families – everything goes in a circle – look forward and find good everyday and give thanks for a Positive Unity even if only a small group – these kind of focused intentions are the most healing and powerful.

I know all of us have a hard time with negative hits that is only meant to pull us into more hardships to more fighting and division, but I would ask Oyate that are concerned of what we are facing; to keep looking and focusing on the bigger picture.
We have even more bigger problems we face today that we should pay attention to – the global concerns where countries are talking about Nuclear War – this can hurt all our future.

We as the Oyate need to look forward – we are the Pte Oyate – the Buffalo People – stand proud and face those winds that can affect us all at any given moment.

In a circle of life where there is no ending and no beginning..

Hec’et onipikte (that we shall live).

Nac’a Arvol Looking Horse

Uncle Eddie Little Crow on “Make No Bones About It.” This Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 4pm.

Eddie Little Crow, a Dakota Elder speaks about his language, identity, culture, and various topics of indigenous wisdom.

“Make No Bones About It.”

Make No Bones About It

4-5pm Sundays

Only on KAOS Community Radio

Brian Larney on Make No Bones About It. May 22,2022

Tune in this Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 at 4pm pacific. Only on KAOS 89.3 fm or
Excited to be visiting with Brian Larney on “Make No Bones About It.” Here a little about Brian …

American Indian Heritage Day in Texas

Brian D. Larney / Seminole & Choctaw
Chair for American Indian Heritage Day in Texas
Chair for Indian Citizens Against Racial Exploitation

American Indian Artist / Ethicist Designer / UI-UX Designer / Brand Consultation / AI.ctivist

Brian a native-born Texas is a true urban American Indian. A full-blood American Indian and a Choctaw of Oklahoma and a citizen of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, he is the chairman for the American Indian Heritage Day in Texas (AIHD) and Indian Citizens Against Racial Exploitation (I CARE).
Brian’s visionary leadership has led the grass-root organization into a viable status among the Indian Country USA. AIHD celebrated its 8th anniversary. The state law, American Indian Heritage Day, designates that last Friday in September is observed for the contributions made by the American Indians to the State of Texas. I CARE addresses the negative stereotypes in reference to the American Indian culture and heritage.
Being a gifted and talented artistic and creative person, he is a professional creative art director in the advertising world. With his computer skill, knowledge of applications and latest technologies, he is a respected and award winner for his outstanding works.

His visuals present a contemporary style of his heritage and maintain the period’s cultural accuracy.
Even though Brian Larney is a well-known Southeastern tribal artist (Choctaw/Seminole) and his pieces are well represented in many venues, he is in a “semi-retired status. However, his beautiful work continues as he designs outstanding cultural images through the American Indian Heritage Day in Texas.

Yahvlane – American Indian Works of Brian Larney
Welcome to the new artistic Aesthetic era . . . Forward Thinking into racial identity & cultural struggles. was created to eliminate stereotypes and be a voice of the American Indians. These illustrations are tools to enhance awareness & educate cultural preservation to people.

This is a launching point for a comprehensive study of American Indian’s history on modern culture.

Original creations by Brian Larney are rare archival illustrations from the past and rich culture of the Choctaw and Seminole nations. Yahvlane – means yellow wolf in the Seminole dialect

Tonight at 4pm May 8th, 2022

Tonight at 4 pm Pacific! Tune in

Very excited to be visiting with
Christopher James Rowland, Ma’heonehoo’estse (“Man of the Holy Place”). Ma’heonehoo’estse is a renowned multi-media artist from the Northern Cheyenne Nation (Suhteao’o and Tsistsistas).

Check out my Relative’s Site. He is amazing!

Native American Coastal Salish Style Tribal Art by renowned artist Speakthunder Berry.

Julia Keefe on “Make No Bones About It.”

Join us on April 24th 2022 at 4pm pacific on KAOS 89.3fm
Excited to visit with Julia Keefe!

Her Bio:
“She gives me hope for the future of jazz.” – Judy Carmichael, NPR
“Her voice is of another era. One of the only jazz songbirds in Indian Country.” – Revolutions per Minute
Julia Keefe (Nez Perce) is a nationally acclaimed Native American jazz vocalist, actor, activist, and educator currently based in New York City. Her professional career has spanned over 15 years and she has headlined marquee events at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., NMAI-NY, as well as opened for the likes of 20-time GRAMMY Award recipient Tony Bennet and 4-time GRAMMY Award winner Esperanza Spalding. Her life’s work is the revival and honoring of the legendary Coeur d’Alene jazz musician Mildred Bailey and is leading the campaign for Bailey’s induction into the Jazz Hall of Fame at Lincoln Center.
Julia grew up in Kamiah, ID on her tribe’s reservation before moving to Spokane, WA. It was in Spokane that she began studying music and competing at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival each year. In 2007, she won Outstanding Vocal Soloist in the alto division at the festival. She earned her bachelor’s in music from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in 2012, graduating with honors. She taught jazz voice at Gonzaga University and was a guest clinician at North Idaho college at Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival before deciding to relocate to New York City. She earned her master’s in music from Manhattan School of music in 2019, under the tutelage of Theo Bleckmann, Kate McGarry, Jo Lawry, Stefon Harris, and Phil Markowitz.
Julia also has a passion for Indigenous film and was a featured artist in Sterlin Harjo’s critically acclaimed documentary, Love and Fury. Her first feature film, Virginia Minnesota, was the closing feature at the Catalina Film Festival in 2018. She is the Executive Director of the Board for One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival, an annual non-profit festival in Spokane, showcasing the diversity and vitality of contemporary Native art in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Julia’s recent recording, Nobody Else But Me, was released to glowing reviews. In addition to rehearsing for an upcoming album, she is currently working with Delbert Anderson, Mali Obomsawin, Nicholas Lucero, Nokosee Fields, and the Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest on a new project titled Welcome to Indian Country, a celebration of Native culture through seven songs and seven stories. Julia has performed with world-class musicians including Jim McNeely, Emmet Cohen, Billy Test, Dan Hearle, Andreas Oberg, Bob Bowman, Clipper Anderson, Jack Mouse, the Lionel Hampton Big Band, among many others.

Happy Winter!

When and if I return to live radio again my show will change a bit. It will change from “Make No Bones About It -Quest for the Truth, to “Make No Bones About It -Time of the Human Being.” I have always been an Allie to both to the Peoples, and to our Mother the Earrh. That will never change. I am a human being first. Tired of all the fighting and lateral violence. We are all here to bring Unity to Earth. This radio program and my life has always been inspired by the Spirit of John Trudell. This quote stuck in my mind tonight …
“We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to existence and we are only a small part of it. There can be no trade-off.” -John Trudell
Thinking about my dear Uncle Eddie too. “Time is running out. If we don’t do something now we’ve accepted what is their realism not our reality or our real truth, this might be the last generation as we know it. Get up and get going” -Eddie Little Crow
I invite you to Get up and get going. Uncle says “ Be kind, Be caring, Be loving, and help where help is needed. And it will be okay.” 2022 my prayer is to really change how we think. Time of victim is over and Time of Human being returns.
“ Human being rise up remember who you are.”-John Trudell

Remembering Joanne Shenandoah

You will be so missed. Prayers up for your journey and prayers to your family.

Rest in Power Uncle Hank Adams

Sad day in Indian country. Another great one heads home to the land of the ancestors. Thanks for everything Hank! You will be seriously missed! Prayers up to the family!