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“Join us anywhere on Mother Earth via our internet broadcast, go to our website to join us via internet.” click on the listen live button.

Make No Bones About it  is produced at KAOS 89.3 FM

Tune in to KAOS Sundays at 4pm for “Make No Bones about It”…with your host Ranting Raven Redbone! Every week hear about Native events, Native issues, and interviews with local Native Peoples. “Make No Bones about It” is a program for the community and of the community, bringing awareness and perspectives from throughout Indian Country! That’s “Make No Bones about It” with Raven Redbone, Sundays at 4-5pm- on K-A-O-S, Olympia Community Radio.

Contact :

KAOS Studio: 360-867-5267 (KAOS)

Soon to be aired on KSER 90.7 FM S tay tuned!

6 responses to “Contact Info

  1. Sister Jan Bishop

    Hi Please keep me posted on current happenings with the Native American’s My Grandmother was Cheerokee Native from North Carolina. God Bless

  2. Greetings –
    I see you’re located in the Northwest, and wondering if you might be able to possibly point me in a direction for some info. I discovered a few months ago that my birth mother is Native American. She was born in Washington in 1939. She will not communicate with me, so I’m having a difficult time uncovering history – city of birth, if she/family members are registered, which tribe, why she/they relocated from Washington to Colorado, etc.
    Can you could suggest some organizations to speak with?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide!

  3. It is urgent that I speek with you privately about something powerfull going on. Why am I on the cycle of the full moon and why am I being fallowed by hawks and swear animals understand me so the only thing I can ask is why was I gifted with such a heavy responsability from a powerfull spirit of the natives. Why in the full moon does seems to be visions since they happen after I vision them in the detail I describe In my dreams this is to sureal

  4. Hi do you know if Chief Arvol Looking Horrse will be in the mid west anytime this year. I live in Madison Wisconsin and would like to see him come here again. The last time I saw him in Madison was back in 2000.

  5. Mitakuye Oyasin


  6. Leonard Little Finger is not the direct descendant of Chief (Spotted Elk) Big Foot. I am. This matter is presently in court because he was wrongfully awarded the administrator to the estate. If interested, you are welcome to attend the hearing on January 25 2012 at Pine Ridge Tribal Court to come and hear for yourself the truth.

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