Raven Redbone

Welcome to my web site! I am  here to contribute and give another voice to the “The First Peoples” who have and continue to give to our world. It is our honor, privilege and a great blessing to highlight and serve all our ancestors. We (my family) continue to work at educating, promoting and highlighting our ancestral pasts and make a contribution to Indigenous Peoples and the Human Family around Mother Earth! To us it is our responsibility to educate and show the Indigenous Perspective that until recent years has not been allowed. The world needs to move forward in an Indigenous mind set our opinion to continue! We have been honored and blessed to be part of a wonderful people whose whole way of living is harmonious with Our Earth and all life. Each Day We walk in reverence on Mother Earth and live an ecologically sound lifestyle in reverence to Mother Earth. We live by the ancestral ways, respecting each other, loving each other and our Mother. Our families celebrate all the old ceremonies in honor of the Ancestors. We recycle, walk, and cherish her. We are the next generation of ancestors

Racist comments of any nature will not be tolerated.

Honoring the Red Road

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  1. Looks like this site will work well for you!! Congrats! Guess the namer should be the first commenter….

    • I’m pat vegasmember of redbone I like where your heads at aye we should talk two heads are better than one

    • Thank you, Dear. Not sure why I am being congratulated. Ah yes, “Make No Bones About it.” Seemed like a good name to go with a handle as lofty as Raven Redbone. The real congratulations goes to you, having Pat Vegas, the most red of the bones,” liking where your heads at.” Makes the corners of my 70 year old mouth turn up. Dancing to Redbone as as young woman was a first. Made me feel so proud. An honor for me and all my relations.

  2. Hey, just found your show on the web. I’m a TESC grad from 2001 and am happy to have empowering show like yours to keep to connected.
    Thanks and keep it up!

  3. Aleticia KS Tijerina

    Hi Raven! I’m Assistant Director of the Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute at Evergreen. We are holding a 1-day conference on April 16 in the Longhouse, regarding Tribal and Indigenous research. We’d like to see if you could interview our great lineup for your program! We have Greg Cajete and many other local scholars, researchers, directors and elders participating! Call me: 867-6889

  4. I found your website while I was on facebook. I am Umskwesawa’ Mchekakaa’koo First Raven Mi’kmaq Nation Golanv Igvyi First Raven Cherokee Nation. This name was given to me by an Elder cousin of my Cherokee heritage. I have several other First Nations ties. Maliseet Abanaki Choctaw and Huron. I also have European ancestry, mostly Celtic. I was raised Catholic until I was 14. My Native heritage was hidden from me until I was 32. Even though I didn’t know about it I still sought out the wild places and lived away from the Modern world. When I became a father that all changed. About that same time my father fell ill and it was then that he told me of our hidden truth. It has taken me years to find who I descend from and my learning process will be ongoing as long as I am alive. finding out who I descend from has helped me to better understand who I am and why I have lived and Prayed the way I do. I married a woman who is Ihanktowan Nakota Cheyenne and Northern Ponca with a smattering of Checkoslovakian and German heritage. She was raised traditional by her Nakota Father and when I married her I became Sioux as if I was born to them. We have Seven Children and a small farm in Rural north Eastern Nebraska. We live very simple. Raise crops and animals for food. She Cooks Specialty Foods Like NDN tacos Kolaches( a Check Donut with fruit in the center) And many other Native Ethnic foods for the locals. I do Tattoos ( Been doing them for over 30 years) but not as a business any longer. I am more into it as a Spiritual Ancient expression. I like trading. Money is a necessary Evil and our needs are always met. I rarely leave our land. Mostly to go fishing. I prefer the Quiet Sacred feeling of our Home. The trees behind our house are my place for Prayer. It is a tough road I walk. Looking white but knowing inside I am an Aboriginal Warrior. Mostly I am trying to undo years of conditioning and living the lies that were forced upon me. I have many good friends who are helping me on my journey and would like to count you as one of them. Mitakue Oyasin Kagitaka Tokahe First Raven Many Nations

    • Nice story brother. Your words have moved me. I see you and wish for your path to be soft and wide. All my relations brother.

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  6. I have just found you today because you have suddenly appeared on my friends and news feed on Facebook and I am glad you did. I love all you say on your page Walking the Red Road.

    Regarding the name of the website I have …it is a place looking at many traditions around the world that are now broadly labeled “shamanic”. However this word is the word of the Tungus people of Siberia and we only used it because it is so broadly known. I also mention it because it is a word that is controversial for many of our indigenous friends. My Tuscarora friend Graywolf and I started the site to share and learn with friends.

    Where have you come from? I have never heard of this but am glad to see it all! Thank you for doing the work you are doing for all our relations…Mother Earth, plants, animals, humans. I am just blown away. I will share this with all the members of shamansdrum. Many Blessings.

  7. My ancestors were Lakota people. I am of mixed heritage. My grandfather was a Lakota man.

  8. Since you are living in the state I live in I would like to raise another issue. I have not been asked to do this but feel it deeply in my heart to bring something up regarding the Duwamish people. These are the people of the Nation that Chief Seattle was part of. There are two speeches that one sees as being spoken by him and the older one is/feels to be the likely actual speech. I would like to email it to you.

    He says things in this talk that touch upon what he saw as the future of his nation and sadly it seems the fate he saw has come to pass. There are only five hundred Duwamish people left and they are not recognized and have no legal status as a Nation. It is my recollection that some years ago they were seeking to be recognized by the federal government. Maybe I am wrong but it is clear …yet again…that treaties made were not honored and to hear they are not even recognized as one of the indigenous nations of Turtle Island if what I have read is accurate is another great injustice.

    I do not know if this topic belongs on your radio show since I have not yet listened nor looked at the archive list of shows. I have just found this site. Many thanks for listening and many blessings. Cynthia

  9. Ta Canku Luta (his Road is Red)

    Been down this road before and it is good to be back at this time – of change.

    A note to Morningstar – and those interested. The word sha’man is from Tangus – it is not a noun – it is a verb. Those who go around calling themselves “a shaman” are openly admitting they do not know themselves. Careful relatives – they will try to tell you they are special and they always hide behind their spirituality.
    The “call ” for sha’man – is a call to service, and those in service to “all our relations” are those being called at this time to help all LIFE.
    The Path home is under our own feet and no person leads in the circle of life. The words that remind me of this when the Path gets tough;

    Each step a heart beat and every breath a prayer.
    Mitakuye Oyasin – ta canku luta

  10. For over 23yrs. I have been looking for the Higher power , I think the more I learn about “Walking the Red Road” I may have started to understand.

  11. Joanne Allgoewer

    Hello Brian. You won’t recognize the name…we’ve been FB friends for some time, but there I’ve been Noorkiramat (my Maasai name). I’ve recently deactivated that account for many reasons, and now can’t seem to refriend you. I’m still planning to be in the Seattle area early April, and hoping to perhaps get over to Olympia one day to meet you and your family. Would be great if you could send me a friend request to my Joanne Allgoewer account, or pop an email or something, such that we can reestablish communication as I firm up my rather loose travelling plans. Thanks.

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  14. Thank you for this website,enjoying it very much,many blessings to you.

  15. Nephew hope your well. ask

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  18. Hi Raven, great show. I always learn something from your interviews.
    I’m really sorry that I missed Incident at Oglala! Has the Olympia Film Society been approached to show it as a benefit to Free Leonard Peltier?

    In other news, Northwest Indian College – the only tribally-controlled regional college in the country – is currently hosting the national AIHEC Basketball Championship at the Lummi Nation campus (March 2-6, 2016). The opening ceremony starts tomorrow night at 7:00 PM and the tournament will run through the weekend, Go, NWIC! The men’s and women’s teams are both top competitors. Here’s a link to AIHEC Championship events, in case of interest: http://www.nwic.edu/life-on-campus/athletics/aihec-basketball/. Sorry about the late notice!

  19. I lived in Washington for many years. Now I listen to you from here in Oklahoma almost every Sunday when I am home. Nya:weh brother for sending me good medicine!

  20. Hey Brian,
    Just curious if you yourself are Indigenous and if so, what culture and community do you come from. I couldn’t find that info on your site here.

  21. Hi there, I am trying to get ahold of someone at KAOS about orchestrating a handover of the broadcast to Indigenous students this Thanksgiving but I’m getting nowhere. My Professor suggested trying to contact you. Please email me.

  22. Raven, thanks for all your help…keep on keeping on. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken. Keep carrying your flame. You seen pretty douse proof. I appreciate your words…and I miss JT.

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