Healing History: Let’s make it right.

Healing History: Let’s make it right.
We gather to educate, heal and re-align our community to the true history of the Salish Sea area and work to rename places.
Time for us to heal. Time to get humble. Keep it respectful. We are tired of knowing the truth and nothing is changing. Tired of the many places all around named to honor those who stole this land in the name of greed and genocide. Let us as a community rise up and change our perceptions to honor the ancestors of this land and their descendants.We feel it is time to make it right. Let’s rename “Steven’s Field”! Let’s name it in the memory of the leaders who protected their people…. Quiemuth Field.Let us start the healing here locally!
A little about Quiemuth:
In the early-morning hours of November 19, 1856, Nisqually Chief Quiemuth (d. 1856), a half-brother of Chief Leschi (1808-1858), is murdered in Oympia. Both Leschi and Quiemuth had fought white settlers and soldiers in the Indian Wars of 1855 and 1856, but Quiemuth had tired of war, and shortly after Leschi’s capture, had surrendered into the custody of Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens (1818-18…62). Later the same night, as he is resting in Stevens’s home while awaiting transfer to Fort Steilacoom, he is shot and stabbed to death. The assailant will never be positively identified and no one will ever be convicted of the crime.

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2 responses to “Healing History: Let’s make it right.

  1. What right do you have to use our family’s name? Our family names are not public property. This is our grandmother’s grandfather. She is one of several grandchildren.

    • It is about healing and honoring. We had council with Billy Frank Jr and Leonard Squally when they were with us about how we could change the name of a murder named Stevens to a name of a true hero Quiemuth. We started this petition years back with little response. I still have not given up. There are a lot of places here in Washington that should be restored back to the Original Peoples names. I am sorry if I may of offended you. That is not our intent. We wish to honor the original peoples of mama earth. Many blessings and happy 2016 to you and your beautiful family.

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