It is with great pleasure to be in service to you my relatives. I am sending out  a request for your support for the next phase in archiving the voices for the next generation. This project has been conceived and will be operated by Raven Redbone (Brian Frisina). This project has the potential to achieve outstanding inroads in an information and education capacity in, for and about Indian Country in the Northwest for several years.
Speaking on my behalf, I am an activist who has provided extensive benefit to Native American people and the tribes by listening, learning and supporting/facilitating vast outreach in the publications, film, audio, social media and special events—all as a volunteer. Raven is dedicated  to  enhanced understanding between the tribal and non-tribal communities.

Looking to purchase a Canon XL2 MiniDV Camcorder, and a Sony PCM-D50′ and a archival website along with a few cases of blank CDs. Your donation will greatly expand my abilities to serve the Native American community. Every aspect of my service—print, broadcast, etc.—will be vastly enhanced with this equipment. This small investment of  $3200.00 will in fact, pay for itself many times over in educational benefits to our people.

Thank you for your consideration.


Brian Frisina
Aka Raven Redbone

Raven Redbone is passionate about bringing awareness of indigenous issues to everyone. “I would like to see all our human family come together, but its is important for those of us that are not the original peoples to know what truly happened here on the planet we call home. It is very important to get their voices out on the on the web.

Some facts of who Raven Redbone has reached via facebook: Up to 20,000 additional people are now also listening in via U-tube. Estimated demographics: 48% Native, 60% Female, 40% male; Ages: 25-35-15.79%, 26-40 5.26%, 41-5031.58% and 50+ 47.37%. (These statistics are based on a small survey monkey taken January, 2013).

The purchase of the Apple MacBook, Canon XL2 MiniDV Camcorder, and a Sony PCM-D50′ will open new horizons in the ability to produce quality video and audio programming, enabling vastly improved representation of the Native voices. It is also the device Raven needs to do remote work. Thus it is the device he needs to go to elders and acquire audio and video recordings of elders’ stories, etc., and–following proper protocols–share them and “immortalize” them for the generations to come. This is so very necessary. As our elders pass on, it is critically important for those in new generations to be able access their words and wisdom. This device will help make that happen.

Again a big THANK YOU! I

If there is any native event, or native issues that you think we all should know about I ask you to e-mail me at or visit my blog at

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