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89.3 Olympia, WA Sundays 54m
“Make No Bones About It”

About Raven Redbone

Welcome to my podcast site! I am here to contribute and give another voice to the “The First Peoples” who have and continue to give to our world. It is my honor, privilege and a great blessing to highlight and serve all our ancestors. I continue to work at educating, promoting and highlighting our ancestral pasts and make a contribution to Indian Country Today! To me its my responsibility to educate and show the Indian Perspective that until recent years has not been allowed. The world needs to move forward in an Indigenous mind set in my opinion to continue!  – Raven

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3 responses to “Raven’s Podcast Shows

  1. Tonights show was amazing! I want to share it with my family, is anyone archiving these programs yet???

  2. Please ! Tell the name of the Singer ! Thank You !

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