How we got started

I first got involved at KAOS as a regular listener to many shows, especially “View from the Shore”, Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm. I had rolled into the Olympia area from Florida in the springtime a few years back. After moving I turned on the radio to KAOS and there was legendary host g.w. galbreath, playing amazing Native Artists. I called into the show to say how glad I was that the Native Peoples were alive and kicking out on the airwaves. There are not many places that promote Native voices on the airwaves! Well, after about 6 years of listening and calling in to g.w., he and I became friends.Gary said, “Why don’t you get trained and come join us at KAOS!” About a year or so later, I decided to do just that! After mentoring with g.w., I decided to create a Native Show and give back to a people that have given so much to us all! My show is mostly geared for the Pacific Northwest Native community, with some national Native news. I proposed the show to KAOS radio, who already has two great Native Shows such as the 22 year-plus “View from a Shore.” and Lucas Anderson’s show “Mole Medicine.” They loved the idea and said YES!
I needed to come up with a title for my show. After I took the training, our family was gathering and maw’s (my wife’s mother) was poking fun. We were all laughing and Maw said “That’s right son, make no bones about it.” I said “that’s right no bones with Redbone!” After the training, and a few weeks of shadowing g.w., I was offered a time slot on Sunday evening from 5-6 pm – and here I am!
About Raven and his family.

Our family is here to contribute and give another voice to the “The First Peoples” who have and continue to give to our world. It is our honor, privilege and a great blessing to highlight and serve all our ancestors. We continue to work at educating, promoting and highlighting our ancestral pasts, and make a contribution to Indian Country today! To us, it’s our responsibility to help educate, heal, and show the First People’s Perspective that until recent years has not been allowed. In our opinion, the world needs to move forward in an Indigenous mind set to continue! What I want to create with “No Bones About It” is a show for our people that would be one of healing, and where our people tell their truths.

Personally, my vision and hope is that people get a better understanding of the Native community here in the South Sound and throughout the land. My show is designed to help us all meet our neighbors. Make No Bones About It brings our neighbors’ stories to us. I would like to see all our human family come together, but it is important for those of us that are not the original peoples to know what truly happened here on the planet we all call home. It is very important to get their voices out on the airwaves, and I am grateful that I can help make this happen at KAOS 89.3 fm. It’s valuable that that our people tell for themselves what is what so we all can heal; it’s the only way to bring the stories all over the globe! So much as been swept under the rug where native people (tribal people) are concerned, and the invasion is still happening; it’s up to all of us to be informed and thanks to stations like KAOS we can!

I invite you to tune in Sunday evenings at 4pm but stay for g.w. at 6pm too- you’ll be glad you did. If there is any native event, or issues that you the listener think we all should know about I ask you to e-mail me at


2 responses to “How we got started

  1. Hi:

    I found your page on FB. Love it! Thanks for all you are doing.
    I hope to hear your show someday. I’m in the midwest. Are your shows webcast?

    Face book = oyate oti

    Hau kola ,
    Lets get in contact.


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