Boldt 40


Boldlt 40 agenda


40 years after Boldt, the fight goes on over fewer and fewer fish _ Pacific

Boldt 40 a day of perspectives on the Boldt Decision

 Boldt Decision on tribal fishing still resonates after 40 years _ Politics _

Boldt decision has rippling effects 40 years later

The Boldt Decision turns 40

Boldt Decision cleared path for more landmark tribal rights changes _ State

Boldt decision on tribal fishing rights maintains rippling effects 40 years

Years After the Boldt Decision; _The Right of Taking Fish at Usual- Ruling r

40 Years Later_ Boldt Decision Celebrations With Some Caution –

Landmark salmon decision left a legacy of science _ – Local ne

Reconciling the Boldt legacy _ – Editorials

From Our Corner » Blog Archive » Remembering Boldt Decision 40 years later

Boldt ruling to let Natives manage fisheries is still vastly influential, 40

Fishing Ruling Historic Addition to Tribal Rights – Nisqually Valley News_ L

Judge’s decision has ripple effects felt 40 years later

Peter Callaghan_ Bill could

Help 80 from Fish Wars _ Capital Update Top Story

Reconciling the Boldt legacy _ – Editorials

Remembering Boldt Decision 40 years later – Chinook Observer_ History


Photos and extras

Boldt 40 Celebration Photos

“As Long As The Rivers Run” examines the violence and civil disobedience leading up to the hallmark decision in U.S. v. Washington, with particular reference to the Nisqually Indians of Frank’s Landing in Washington. This is a digitally remastered version of the groundbreaking documentary produced by Carol Burns with Hank Adams originally released in 1971.

Salmon Defense

Boldt 40 on King 5

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