Chief Arvol Lookinghorse August 2022

Wopila tanka to all those that attended and offered prayers to Wiwang Wac’ipi.

I continue to remind everyone to stay in prayer for the many issues we are facing as an Oyate in your own communities that seem to pull and divide our Oyate.

Don’t pay attention to people that bring hurt to your families – everything goes in a circle – look forward and find good everyday and give thanks for a Positive Unity even if only a small group – these kind of focused intentions are the most healing and powerful.

I know all of us have a hard time with negative hits that is only meant to pull us into more hardships to more fighting and division, but I would ask Oyate that are concerned of what we are facing; to keep looking and focusing on the bigger picture.
We have even more bigger problems we face today that we should pay attention to – the global concerns where countries are talking about Nuclear War – this can hurt all our future.

We as the Oyate need to look forward – we are the Pte Oyate – the Buffalo People – stand proud and face those winds that can affect us all at any given moment.

In a circle of life where there is no ending and no beginning..

Hec’et onipikte (that we shall live).

Nac’a Arvol Looking Horse


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