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The Mystery of the Serpent Mound with Ross Hamilton

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Origin of the Serpent Mound ?

What was the Serpent Mound used for?

Who were the Adena people/ culture?

Purpose of the Serpent Mound?

Astronomical significance?

The Placement of the Mound?

How are we Preservation of the Serpent Mound?

Born in 1948 in New York, University of Cincinnati alumnus Ross Hamilton became interested in Eastern religious and philosophic teachings early, receiving initiation from a living Master-Saint in 1969, subsequently taking up the rigorous practices of Sound Current meditation and philosophic study for 35 years prior to acquiring the coveted title of Initiate Philosopher. Ross is a writer and researcher currently specializing in piecing together ancient North American prehistory with a view toward understanding the hidden heritage of the American continent for its future spiritual advancement. Ross’ book, The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, represents a 12-year research effort to correlate the main body of the teachings of the ancient Mystery Colleges to the shape and design of the famous earthwork. d.ross.hamilton@gmail.com

Ross Hamilton – Author. “Mystery of the Serpent Mound” The mysterious Serpent Mound in the Ohio Valley is a masterpiece of prehistoric architecture. Its enormous size alone inspires awe and reverence. Even deeper meanings may be hidden in the dimensions and lost functions of this ancient religious structure. Researcher Ross Hamilton has uncovered multiple layers of secrets hidden within the earthworks of the Serpent Mound, and his discoveries contribute to a new understanding of prehistoric spiritual science and engineering.

For more about Serpent Mound, please visit www.serpentmound.org

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“It is now time for a destructive order to be reversed, and it is well to inform other races that the aboriginal cultures of North America were not devoid of beauty. Furthermore, in denying the Indian his ancestral rights and heritages the white race is but robbing itself. America can be revived, rejuvenated, by recognizing a Native School of thought.” Circa 1915

•Chief Luther Standing Bear (Lakota)