Medicine Wheel Ceremony-Spring Equinox Pacific Northwest 2011

Learn more when Raven speaks to Blue Thunder on “Make No Bones About It”. Blue Thunder is a Younger Tribal Elder, 59 years old from the Wind River Indian Reservation of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.

The time of prophecy is upon us, the time of the ending of the Fourth World and the beginning of moving into the Fifth Sun or Fifth World. All cultures around our beautiful planet have an ancient knowing of this time and of the great shifts ahead. The Mayan calendar is probably the most famous at this time, showing the end of their old count of time on December 21, 2012 and the beginning of a new time, a new world.

Blue Thunder with many others will help co-create a Medicine Wheel Ceremony in the Pacific Northwest that will occur in conjunction with the Spring Equinox, the ceremony will last for three days beginning on the 19th & ending on the 21st.

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2 responses to “Medicine Wheel Ceremony-Spring Equinox Pacific Northwest 2011

  1. I have been dreaming of a time when all Nations no matter what color, creed or faith will join in a Spirit of love for each other and for our Mother Earth. I have been told that in order to restore balance to the Earth we need to look to our Elders and those that still have knowledge of ancient skills that will enable us to live in balance with Mother Earth and each other. These are times of great change, and it is very important that we generate a strong frequency of Love. There are those that do not understand and live in a fear based mode, and it is even more important for us to keep a high frequency of love not fear, because collectively we can create Heaven on Earth! Many Blessings to you all!

  2. Carole Spirit HAwk Blodgett

    So excited…holding everything in prayer!!! BE the prayer!!!

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