Chief Phil Lane Jr- On Protecting the Sacred. 4-21-2013 5pm


Hereditary chief of the Ihanktonwan First Nation Phil Lane Jr. said the treaty reinforces First Nations obligations to defend the environment based on ancient laws, now and into the future.

“This is part of a much larger global campaign called Protect the Sacred. The sacred is not limited to stopping tar sands projects. It’s a global Indigenous movement with allies around the world that are going to focus very specifically on issues that are negatively impacting Mother Earth and Indigenous peoples and humanity, all members of the human family.”

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One response to “Chief Phil Lane Jr- On Protecting the Sacred. 4-21-2013 5pm

  1. Betty (Morningstar) Appleby

    Hello Chief Phil Lane, Jr.,

    It is with great respect that I send greetings in January of 2014. Your ongoing excellent work from the time we worked on a 1984 international project in India has continued to bring enlightenment to the world. It is with great anticipation that we can bring your awesome skills to Michigan in the very near future. The climate is ready for your Human Development and Spiritual Power. Please respond at: and (313) 712-7159
    In gratitude,

    Betty (Morningstar) Appleby
    New Dawn Leadership

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