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Brian Larney on Make No Bones About It. May 22,2022

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Excited to be visiting with Brian Larney on “Make No Bones About It.” Here a little about Brian …

American Indian Heritage Day in Texas

Brian D. Larney / Seminole & Choctaw
Chair for American Indian Heritage Day in Texas
Chair for Indian Citizens Against Racial Exploitation

American Indian Artist / Ethicist Designer / UI-UX Designer / Brand Consultation / AI.ctivist

Brian a native-born Texas is a true urban American Indian. A full-blood American Indian and a Choctaw of Oklahoma and a citizen of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, he is the chairman for the American Indian Heritage Day in Texas (AIHD) and Indian Citizens Against Racial Exploitation (I CARE).
Brian’s visionary leadership has led the grass-root organization into a viable status among the Indian Country USA. AIHD celebrated its 8th anniversary. The state law, American Indian Heritage Day, designates that last Friday in September is observed for the contributions made by the American Indians to the State of Texas. I CARE addresses the negative stereotypes in reference to the American Indian culture and heritage.
Being a gifted and talented artistic and creative person, he is a professional creative art director in the advertising world. With his computer skill, knowledge of applications and latest technologies, he is a respected and award winner for his outstanding works.

His visuals present a contemporary style of his heritage and maintain the period’s cultural accuracy.
Even though Brian Larney is a well-known Southeastern tribal artist (Choctaw/Seminole) and his pieces are well represented in many venues, he is in a “semi-retired status. However, his beautiful work continues as he designs outstanding cultural images through the American Indian Heritage Day in Texas.

Yahvlane – American Indian Works of Brian Larney
Welcome to the new artistic Aesthetic era . . . Forward Thinking into racial identity & cultural struggles. was created to eliminate stereotypes and be a voice of the American Indians. These illustrations are tools to enhance awareness & educate cultural preservation to people.

This is a launching point for a comprehensive study of American Indian’s history on modern culture.

Original creations by Brian Larney are rare archival illustrations from the past and rich culture of the Choctaw and Seminole nations. Yahvlane – means yellow wolf in the Seminole dialect

Tonight at 4pm May 8th, 2022

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Very excited to be visiting with
Christopher James Rowland, Ma’heonehoo’estse (“Man of the Holy Place”). Ma’heonehoo’estse is a renowned multi-media artist from the Northern Cheyenne Nation (Suhteao’o and Tsistsistas).