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Falcon Sison, Nisqually Tribe, on Make No Bones About It.- September 6th, 2015


( left to right Raven Redbone and Falcon Sison.  -Altern8ive shotz photography).

Falcon is an only child. His mother name is Consuelo Sison. Both Consuelo and Falcon are enrolled in the Nisqually Tribe. Falcon Sison is  33 year old. Falcon has stated ” I’ve learned to be available & that’s how I’ve lived my life. Just let Creator guide me.” Falcon says to I show up and work it takes, on his part. Falcon has learned to be available & that’s how, he has tried, to carry himself, through out his life. Falcon said, “I just show up & do whatever work, needs to be done, to the best of my ability.”

Falcon is a Culture Keeper. Falcon  drums, sings, weaves,and  learned how to make paddle’s & rattles. Falcon has been around ceremony his whole life, when called he shows up and does the work for his community.

Falcon has been  clean for 2 years & 7 days & counting. Falcon is apart of the Canoe Way and has participated in various ways of life & ceremonies. He  continues to keep learning his ancestral ways of life. Falcon currently works with the Leschi Heritage Foundation @ the culture center with his Tribe. Falcon is happily  married to Tyler Sison. Falcon and Tyler live in Nisqually.