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Raven speaks with Michael Bastine and Jon Volpe on “Make No Bones About It.” July 12th, 2015 at 5pm

Michael Bastine

Algonquin healer, storyteller, spiritual teacher, and author (with Mason Winfield) of Iroquois Supernatural (Bear & Co./Inner Traditions, 2011), MICHAEL BASTINE has trained within Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Hopi, and Cherokee traditions for 30 years. Among prominent Native Americans who have been his friends and mentors are the Cayuga healer Peter Mitten, the Seneca elder Beeman Logan, the Tuscarora author and healer Ted Williams, and the Cherokee/Shoshone medicine man Rolling Thunder. More on Michael below.

Michael Bastine Resume 2015


Jon Volpe,62, a Native American born in Ontario, Canada, and part of a tribe in Mississauga, now an Attica resident, is a self taught naturalist and taxidermist who has been helping turtles in the wild for many years.

APOV: Protecting wildlife is no crime

Jon Volpe