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Two Rivers – Must See


Two Rivers” is a rich, lyrical, 60-minute documentary that seamlessly layers together several powerful components. The contemporary story is told through in-depth interviews with all the Native and European American principals who spearheaded the reconciliation meetings, as well as exclusive, intimate footage of the Two Rivers Powwows.

The tale of the past unfolds through memoirs, letters, prophecies, and other historical materials, read by Native and European American actors. The spiritual element is conveyed through the use of authentic Plateau Indian prayers and sacred songs (many of them recorded live during ceremonies filmed for “TWO RIVERS”), as well as through hauntingly beautiful, visually poetic images of the Methow Valley today.

“Two Rivers” is aimed at a wide, multi-faceted audience. Although attempts at Native and European American reconciliation are not unheard of, they typically fail to produce lasting changes—usually because whites set the agenda. “TWO RIVERS” will thus appeal to both whites and Natives who want to learn effective means for connecting and healing their wounds, as well as to any individuals or groups interested in healing rifts caused by racism or divisions of any sort.

In addition, by honoring the Native point of view, “TWO RIVERS” reveals a history that is becoming increasingly unfamiliar to Native American youth and is largely unknown to European Americans. But more than anything else, “TWO RIVERS” is a fascinating human story with large implications. “TWO RIVERS” shows how people from different worlds can create profound, lasting friendships if they are willing to adopt an open attitude, experiment with new ways of connecting, and learn to speak, listen, and act from their hearts.

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