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Join Editor Gregory Fields, Coast Salish carver Felix Soloman (Lummi/Haida), Ben Covington ( Lummi). December 1, 2013 at 4pm


Join Editor Gregory Fields, Coast Salish carver Felix Soloman (Lummi/Haida),  Ben Covington ( Lummi). As we learn more about:

A Totem Pole History: the Work of Lummi Carver Joe Hillaire
The book includes chapters by Felix Soloman, Bill Holm,  Barbara Brotherton, Skokomish artist and scholar CHiXapkaid Michael Pavel,  Melonie Ancheta,  and others. In addition to the book, a media companion (a DVD and two audio CDs) titled “Coast Salish Totem Poles” will be available and includes Lummi stories, songs, and an illustrated presentation of Pauline Hillaire interpreting several of her father’s major totem poles.


KAOS Radio: December 1, 2013 at 4pm, on Join Editor Gregory Fields, Coast Salish carver Felix Solomon)Lummi/Haida), Ben Covington ( Lummi).

The Evergreen State College

The EvergreenLibrary: has an exhibit featuring the book.

The bookstore has copies of the book and media companion for sale.

Dec. 3rd, from 3-5 pm, in Sem 2 C 1105 for the inaugural release of Pauline Hillaire’s new book, A Totem Pole History: The Work of Lummi Carver Joe Hillaire (U. of Nebraska Press), that explores Salish visual arts, storytelling, and cultural traditions. The editor, Greg Fields (U. of So. Ill.), Lummi Carver, Felix Solomon (who restored some of Joe’s poles), and others involved with the publication will give a presentation. The Hillaire family has a long history at Evergreen, and throughout Puget Sound, in establishing Native education, arts, and cultural programs. Joe Hillaire’s work includes the celebrated 1963 World’s Fair, “Journey to the Sky” and “Man in Transition” poles, and the Kobe Japan “Friendship” pole, that were featured at the Seattle Art Museum in a recent exhibit. Hillaire’s artistic legacy and philosophy is documented in the book, which is one of the pivotal works on Puget Salish art and history. Sponsored by: Creativity and Diversity in American Culture: Art and Narrative In Response to Place; Bella Bella or Bust; The Longhouse; the Library; the Deans.

Seattle Art Museum: Joseph Hillaire

Carver of the Century 21 Exposition Totem Pole

Carver of the Kobe-Seattle Sister City Friendship Pole

The Seattle Public Library digital collections. Joseph Hillaire’s 1961 trip to Kobe to install and dedicate the Kobe-Seattle Sister City Friendship pole includes images of Hillaire’s travels in Japan and pictures of Seattle Mayor Gordon Clinton, and Seafair Queen Linda Juel, both of whom accompanied Hillaire on the trip.