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Join us as we visit with Barney Bush and Kris Barney this July 22, 2012, at 4pm.

Join us as we visit with Barney Bush and Kris Barney this July 22, 2012, at 4pm.

Before returning full time to his Ohio River homelands, poet/education- activist/patriot Barney Bush wrote about his homelands and the destruction of water, sky, land, forests , animals, people and became published and translated internationally. He has taught in numerous colleges and universities in the U.S. and has a B.A. in Humanities from Ft. Lewis College, Durango Colorado, a Masters of Arts in English and Fine Arts from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, and sixty five hours beyond the masters. He has also taught writing and English logic classes in Native American schools all over North America including Alaska and Hawaii. He has been a guest speaker in universities of western Europe as well as North and Central America.

Bush has also served as a writer-in- residence for numerous arts councils including those in New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Vermont and more. From 1989 through 2005 he was on contract with nato Records in Paris, France, where he recorded numerous musical and spoken poetry albums. All lyrics were written by Bush, and music was composed by Tony Hymas, English composer and recording artist, who employed the use of Native American music and performers throughout the albums. One of their early albums, (Left for Dead), was admitted to the list of the “Greatest Experimental Hits in the History of Music.”

Bush is also the first indigenous poet admitted to the Society of Artists, Composers and Editors of Music (SACEM), Paris, France.Shawnee poet, Barney Bush, was inspired to react to the losing of his homelands. During the sixties he became involved with the American Indian Movement which was just forming in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this time, he became involved in protests over the lack of understanding about Native people in their own homelands. He was an organizer, among many, of several schools throughout Indian country and helped, in 1970, create the first Native American Studies programs for colleges, high schools and grade schools in the United States. Bush came to see that the only way to save and promote the growth of homelands and culture was through organizing and truly learning the culture of colonial America. He believes that Native peoples’ owning and sharing their own businesses and schools is a primary factor in purchasing back our homelands for future generations.


about Kris:
Kris Barney ” Dine’ Poet & traditional farmer from Tse’ Chi’zhi'”

Ya’a’teeh. Shi ei Kristopher Barney yinishye’. Honaghaanii Nishli’, Tlashchi’i’ Bashishchiin, Tachiinii Da Shi Che’, Todiko’zhi doo Kiisani Dine’e’ Da Shi Nali’. Tse’ Chi’zhi’ dęę

There is no compromise. I’ve lived all my life with one of the worlds biggest and ugliest coal stripmines in my back yard, i am the descendant of medicine people and warriors. My ancestors never went on the Long Walk to Hweeldi’, I am a survivor and hold the medicine of freedom, words, emotions that draw their power, strength, beauty and purpose from the first wind, breath of creation.

I am a Honaghaanii man and Nashdoistoh is my protector

Kris Barney shares about the Navajo Hopi Little Colorado Water Settlement -4-29-2012 5pm

We will be visiting with Kris Barney as he shares about the Navajo Hopi Little Colorado Water Settlement and what we can do to help.

““We want to see you have a voice in the settlement”– Ben Shelly….

IF WE HAVE A VOICE…then let people talk at the meetings!!! Where is our voice? If anyone talks against it, they are told to”respect”while our future is being destroyed by our corrupt leaders! If people get upset, that darn moderator says”respect!”She is a sell out!!!! She is probably paid off. But did our leader respect us in Tuba City? NO! HE YELLED! THEN HE LIED! He says he wants to listen, but WHEN is that going to happen???????? THEY ARE NOT LISTENING NOW….not at all. Listening is not happening in the Town-hall meetings — that’s for sure!!!!!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO HEAR US? WHEN CAN THE PEOPLE TALK? When are they going to allow FREE SPEECH?!?!?!?! Since when did the Navajo Nation government start to censor FREE SPEECH? Since when was that apart of Navajo custom is LIMIT FREE SPEECH? Since when is it apart of Navajo custom to minimize the young people and not let them talk? Since when it is apart of Navajo custom to ignore our elders pleas? BEN SHELLY IS A SELL OUT, he is not a LEADER, a real LEADER would never sell out his people, his own grandchildren, and our hope at moving forward towards progress. A real leader would have nothing to hide and would be encouraging his people to participate. TRULY participate, not just to tell people to come to meetings and then forced to be held silent for hours while propaganda is presented. This article makes the people in the audience sound disrespectful.. …but if you were really there, you would see the truth! The youth snickered because they are smart enough to see through this!!!!!!! They are appalled at what our leadership is doing, and they should be! The Navajo people need to start being SHEEPHERDERS… ..NOT SHEEP. We need not to follow blindly a corrupt leader, we need to lead!!!!!!!!!!! !! We need to know the ins and outs of our surroundings, we need to understand our environment, we need to know how to navigate through these issues!!!!!!! UNITY against SB 2109!!!!!!!!! Stand up and be heard!