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Raven Redbone say “Thanks” for all your support!

 Many thanks to all of you for your loving support over the last 1.5 years of “Make No Bones About”. Over the past few months we have heard many stories from our local community and beyond. Such guests like Chief Phil Lane Jr, Larry McNeil, Doug Meyer  and many more. With your help it has been a huge success. We have been able to continue to educate, promote, and highlighting all of our ancestral pasts, and make a great contribution to our world.  The support of you the listener, and KAOS 89.3 Radio, I know helped in bringing  my vision to the airwaves which is uniting our human family, coming together of knowledge through the love of our earth,  also more importantly we have successfully given a voice to the First Peoples and the voiceless.

The show is approaching its 2 year anniversary this coming Spring (April 6, 2010). Through the past year Make No Bones about it has reached many new levels. One of which I am really excited about,  and working towards making the show ready for syndication up north in Snohomish County on WSER 90.7 FM public radio.

We have reached out to the world in many ways to tell our stories of our interconnectedness.  It makes me very excited. With your support, feedback given, calling in during pledge, and the many wonderful guests that have either came into KAOS or called in for a conversation have been amazing. “Make No Bones About.” has become a part of our community both local and global. This has happened because of the shared vision, wisdom of our Elders, support of the People in our community, and KAOS 89.3 FM. Through our shared wisdom we have been able to build bridges and open our hearts.  I am looking forward to serving you our community for many more years.

Again a big THANK YOU!

I invite you to tune in on Sunday evenings at 5pm – but stay for g.w. host of “View from a Shore” at 6pm too- you’ll be glad you did. If there is any native event, or issues that you the listener think we all should know about I ask you to e-mail me at ravenredbone@gmail.com

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 Wednesdays 8pm to 9 pm –Mole Medicine with Host/Producer, Lucas Anderson on KAOS 89.3 FM. www.kaosradio.org   Native music and issues.

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