Protecting Sacred Sites with Chief Phil Lane Jr and others

Sunday, July 24 · 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Kaos 89.3 Fm – Olympia
Olympia, WA
Created By
“Make No Bones About It.”
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“Sacred places are the foundation of all other beliefs and practices because they represent the presence of the sacred in our lives. They properly inform us that we are not larger than nature and that we have responsibilities to the rest of the natural world that transcend our own personal desires and wishes. This lesson must be learned by each generation; unfortunately the technology of industrial society always leads us in the other direction. Yet it is certain that as we permanently foul our planetary nest, we shall have to learn a most bitter lesson. There is probably not sufficient time for the non-Indian population to understand the meaning of sacred lands and incorporate the idea into their lives and practices. We can but hope that some protection can be afforded these sacred places before the world becomes wholly secular and is destroyed.”

quote from p. 282 in Vine Deloria, Jr., 1994, God Is Red: A Native View of Religion, Golden CO: Fulcrum].

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