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Raven speaks with Chief Leonard Crowdog on “Make No Bones About It.” 1-8-2012 5-6pm

Leonard Crow Dog is a traditional Chief of the Lakota Nation and a recognized spiritual leader, intercessor and healer. He was the spiritual adviser to the American Indian Movement during the siege of Wounded Knee in 1973 and has played a significant role throughout his life in protecting and reviving sacred ceremonies such as the Sun Dance, vision quest (hanblecha) and sweat lodge (inipi).

A visionary who welcomes spiritual people of all races to Crow Dog’s Paradise, his ancestral home in South Dakota, Chief Crow Dog has been a tireless advocate for human rights, peace and justice for Native people.

Kept away from white Christian schools by his parents so that he would not dilute the special spiritual gifts his elders recognized in him from birth, he still speaks today with the poetic syntax of his native Lakota language. In this rare appearance in the Northwest, Chief Crow Dog shares his reflections on the state of the universe and the role of the sacred human being in these pivotal times.

“So my relations, let’s join together and meet the plant of Tree of Life…

So the unborn shall inherit this power from the old dream and vision.
This is what Swnka Cangi has echoed of the four winds of the universe…

The language shall never fail. Why?
It’s in the sacred of the sacred.

“We must follow the old teachings done before us… Let’s walk together, crawl together, fly together, swim together, walk through the tunnel of the earth… grandmother earth… We are one family, one nation of nations…”

— Chief Leonard Crow Dog, Swnka Cangi

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