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Nisqually Restoration

The Nisqually Restoration
As we splash around in the waters of the Puget Sound, it’s disheartening to realize that the Sound is one of the five most polluted waterways in North America.

Every year, roughly 52-million pounds of toxic chemicals wash into the Puget Sound. Five types of salmon and the orca are listed by the federal government as endangered species. Over all, one-thousand Puget Sound species are in decline. The price tag to clean up our famed waterway now sits at seven to eight billion dollars.

One clean-up project that is well underway is the restoration of the Nisqually delta estuary. After one hundred years of farming. The dikes surrounding the delta are coming down and salt water is returning to this important breeding and feeding ground.

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Dakota 38

History of the film:

330 mile horseback ride to honor 38 Dakota men hanged in 1862.

In the spring of 2005, Lakota Spiritual Leader Jim Miller had a dream where he rode 330 miles on horseback. He eventually came to a river bank in Mankato, Minnesota where he saw 38 of his own ancestors hanged. Jim soon discovered that he had dreamt of the largest mass hanging in United States history ordered by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. In December of 2008, Jim and many others retraced the route of his dream on horseback as a means of bringing healing and reconciliation to all. “DAKOTA 38” is a feature length documentary film by Smooth Feather Productions which tells the story of this powerful 330 mile journey.

Over the next few months we’re working towards bringing together the following elements. Everyone involved with Smooth Feather Productions has donated their time to create “Dakota 38” and the $20,000 we’re looking to raise will go towards the following expenses.

-Creating an original Soundtrack.
We’re planning to head out to the Dakotas and record many traditional songs with some of the riders from the film. We’re creating a musical team of both Native and Non-native musicians to have a reconciliation process within the music. We’re working with a NYC based string quartet & composer, a guitarist from DC, a violinist from Bermuda and many singers and drummers from South Dakota & Minnesota.

-A Sound Effects track.
We have some friends in NYC who work for one of the best sound effects companies and they’ve offered to lend us a hand. Although the studio time we need to rent is quite expensive. Our goal will be to enrich the sounds of the horses riding, the wild storms and the many voices you hear throughout the film.

-A Western Film Tour.
We’re looking to take the film on the road as soon as it’s finished and screen it along the route of the ride to the many small towns and reservations we rode through. Earlier this year we bought Winnie, a 1972 Winnebago Indian, and now we need to get her out to the plains for a first film tour.

These are our main expenses that any contribution would greatly help us fund.

We look forward to being in touch with everyone and hopefully we’ll see you down the trail.

Thanks so much,

Silas & The Smooth Feather Team.

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US-Dakota War – 150 Years Later

All of us have to work together. Doesn’t matter how that person is. Try to see the goodness.  If the whole can see this it will create we can create an energy shift.

-Chief Arvol Lookinghorse


.Whole-Self Wellness N.W. Tour..

..Whole-Self Wellness N.W. Tour..sit with

Robert Owens Greygrass

Native Activist, Author, Comedian, StorytellerTRADITIONS CAFE
Sunday, October 14

7:30pm -10:30pm

300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia

Sliding scale $10-20 dollars

Robert is talking wellness, whole-self wellness rich with spiritual inspiration and humor. Within his stories are the simple truths to care for yourself, your loved ones and all of life. “we are faced with challenging times right now on Mother Earth.” Come join us, listen, learn and be inspired.

Robert Owens Greygrass is a published writer, storyteller, actor and wellness consultant. He travels and performs internationally for countless festivals, universities, reservations, prisons and theaters. He has years of traditional spiritual practices ,listening from the Elders, learning the Lakota language, stories and massive activism with the American Indian Cultural Center.

More about Robert at:

Raven Redbone will also be at the door collecting blanket donations for Native Americans living in third world conditions on reservations. Blankets will go to ” Good Thinking 4 All Our Relations’.