.Whole-Self Wellness N.W. Tour..

..Whole-Self Wellness N.W. Tour..sit with

Robert Owens Greygrass

Native Activist, Author, Comedian, StorytellerTRADITIONS CAFE
Sunday, October 14

7:30pm -10:30pm

300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia

Sliding scale $10-20 dollars

Robert is talking wellness, whole-self wellness rich with spiritual inspiration and humor. Within his stories are the simple truths to care for yourself, your loved ones and all of life. “we are faced with challenging times right now on Mother Earth.” Come join us, listen, learn and be inspired.

Robert Owens Greygrass is a published writer, storyteller, actor and wellness consultant. He travels and performs internationally for countless festivals, universities, reservations, prisons and theaters. He has years of traditional spiritual practices ,listening from the Elders, learning the Lakota language, stories and massive activism with the American Indian Cultural Center.

More about Robert at:http://www.dawhitedog.com/

Raven Redbone will also be at the door collecting blanket donations for Native Americans living in third world conditions on reservations. Blankets will go to ” Good Thinking 4 All Our Relations’.

2 responses to “.Whole-Self Wellness N.W. Tour..

  1. Hello, We are hosting Robert at the Awakening Center in Rainier WA on Oct 17. If you are in the area, Raven and would like to do a blanket collection here, let me know so I can get the word out. Thank you.

  2. If you collect blankets I can arrange a pick up first part of November when Goodthinking gets back. He is doing several trips. Thanks!

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