US-Dakota War – 150 Years Later

All of us have to work together. Doesn’t matter how that person is. Try to see the goodness.  If the whole can see this it will create we can create an energy shift.

-Chief Arvol Lookinghorse


One response to “US-Dakota War – 150 Years Later

  1. The comment section doesn’t appear to be working very well. I live in Olympia, WA, I listen to KAOS View from the Shore and No Bones About It and often record the shows. I am anglo. I grew up in part in Wisconsin on the Menominee Reservation, I have been to Wounded Knee, I have been to the grave of Red Cloud. When I am on a rez, I get angry, I am angry about Wounded Knee, I am angry about Leonard, and I am angry about Annie Mae. Which is weird as I am not native. I have been taught by Grandmother Bernice Falling Leaves who is half Lakota and adopted Hopi. The teachings were Metis. I have led pipe ceremonies, a Medicine Wheel, done many sweats, a wail, and 5 vision quests. I honor the Dakota people and the Menominee and know about Mankato Minn.

    Raven, love your show.

    Tepet (David)

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