Daily Archives: January 6, 2014



by John Trudell

There’s me, there the other me
There’s another me, an then
There are the moremes
We’ve all got a domino to play so
We’ve been trying to work it out

We don’t know whos your life turned
Or what all that means
But me and the mes
We’re not going back
We’ve already seen
What we couldn’t do

Any skeletons in our closets
Are our own private stash of bones
That scream with no choice, there’s
No scream like the next scream
Reducing the present into nothing
While eternity is now not then

Who’s divided into what
And how many does that make
There’s love that loves, loves that fears
Love that possesses, love that needs proof
Where’s the love that accepts
Love that likes that cares

There’s no forgetting some realities
Destiny threw at us
And fate wasn’t much help
With its way of loading the load
When we didn’t have any say
And it was up to us to carry it

In the land where the lie is king
Using fear like glue, pretending
Pretending isn’t pretending
At least one of the mes have seen it all
Each and every one of is want the glory
But not a one of us likes the way we fall

Straying is away of walking
When staying isn’t an option
Because we’ve been accused
Of some things we did and
Sometimes we didn’t do and
We heard I forgive yous that lied

Me and the mes are looking
For a me that will answer to me
So far there’s no me who will.