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Honoring the Sacred in Central Park: Blessing Our Mother Earth and the Horse Nation. May 10th, 2014

The Evergreen State College Spring Traditional POW-WOW


The Evergreen State

College Spring

Traditional POWWOW

MAY 24th GRAND ENTRIES AT 1pm & 7pm

Emcee – Arnold Littlehead

Arena Director – Larry Cordier

Head Woman Dancer – Elena Santistevan

Head Man Dancer – Melvin Blacketer

Host Drum – Young Society

Invited Drums – Indian Heritage Singers

Little Battle – Rockin Horse – Spearfish

Sound by Randy Vendiola

SPECIALS – Hand Drum – Iron Woman & Man

Brought to you by The Native Student Alliance – The Evergreen

State College – TESC Longhouse – Student Activities – Abolish Cops

And Prisons – MEXA de Evergreen – The Flaming Eggplant Café

Contact: 360 867 5367 – evergreen.nsa@hotmail.com – vendors: stefweber@gmail.com