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Voices of Coal: Jay Julius, member of Lummi Nation tribal council and fisherman

Jay Julius is a fisherman and a member of the Lummi Nation tribal council. Lummi people have lived on the shores of Puget Sound north of Bellingham for thousands of years. Not far from their reservation lies Cherry Point, the proposed site for the largest coal export terminal in North America.

In the waters off of Cherry Point, Lummi fishers harvest halibut, salmon, herring, crab and shellfish. Julius worries that the increased coal tanker traffic would harm the tribe’s ability to exercise their treaty-guaranteed rights to harvest these fish and shellfish.

“One accident inside the Salish Sea and my way of life is gone,” Julius says.

If the terminal is built, he says, it could also destroy underwater archaeological sites and upland burial grounds.

audio by Ashley Ahearn, Katie Campbell
photography by Katie Campbell, Michael Werner

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