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Neils Chaske on “Make No Bones About It.” -September 28, 2014 at 4pm


Neils Chaske

I am full blooded Dakota Sioux from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. I was adopted and grew up in Pennsylvania. Over the many years I have traveled and saw many things and met great people along the way, In 1995 I reunited with my Family again, which I am very for.I have 4 and 2 boys who I very much, my will always be with me no matter where I go and me with them.They are my inspiration in my life. My Dream, vision and Passion is to help and All of my Relations in a Honorable,Respectful,humbling, good and Positive way. I am working on a few projects One I would like to announce,is where we are in Developing a Brand New Native American TV Program which is called “WHITE EAGLE SPEAKS” where we shall be bringing positive stories and topics from around the nation and around the world from many differant cultures.We shall touch the lives of many in a good and positive way if want to learn more, please email me I would be very happy to talk to you about this positive opportunuty we are developing.. Through White Eagle Speaks we shall have many people coming on to be interviewed with many different topics and issues from the many nations and also from around the world, where we shall be bringing many positive stories forward, from Elders, Activist, Business leaders, singers, actors, Professors, Drum Groups,Elders, Artist, Athletes, Chairman from many different Reservation’s, plus many other guest that has inspirational and Positive stories,and how they are helping and supporting the People, the children and Mother earth in a good and positive way.for all people and in particular for the children and Youth, who in turn shall become our leaders of tomorrow.We shall move forward together as one entity working for all People,children,youth,Elders,all of our four legged,all of our winged,the forest,the ,the air. For We are all connected on Motherearth.The time is now for all cutltures to Unite,for the creation for a brighter present and future.with one Heart,One Mind,and one Spirit To protect our Motherearth who gives each of us so much,To Inspire and teach our Children to never give up on there Dreams.Respect,Honor,each other and Motherearth. Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations).