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Shayne Bennett on KAOS 89.3 fm – 2-15-2015 at 4pm

Shayne 1

I am Māori who links to Te Arawa and Ngati Kahungnunu tribes on the North Island of New Zealand.

I have a background in Corporate IT, HR and Government services on three continents.  Born in New Zealand, I spent my formative years in Australia and now live in Canada.  I currently travel between Canada, Australia and New Zealand following my ancestors calling.

6 years ago my ancestors called me back to New Zealand to live and that is how I was shown the current healing work that I do.  I have been an energy healer for all of my life and this ability has been active in me throughout my business career as well. By following the calling of my heart space most of my healing today is remote or distant healing.  I am able to shift energies from people and land that includes trauma in this lifetime and past lives, release Family and tribal trauma passed down through generations, remove Kehua (evil spirits) from the environment and bring harmony and peace to what I connect to.

Since my early twenties I’ve connected with and studied many alternative therapies. Two were significant — LomiLomi (Hawaiian Massage) and Romiromi (Traditional Māori Healing).  Both powerful Polynesian healing modalities.   My Remote Healing work came about as an extension of my Traditional Māori Healing  practise in New Zealand.

Traditional Māori Healing is centuries old and has been passed down from generation to generation in the form of Romiromi and Mirimiri bodywork and ancient Māori teachings. Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand and have a rich and deep cultural heritage based on their connection to the land and their spiritual beliefs. Romiromi and Mirimiri are physical bodywork treatments that focus on removing blocked energy at a cellular level, creating more space and freedom in the body. Stimulation of pressure points and deep tissue massage removes toxic waste and synchronizes the central nervous, lymphatics, cardio vascular and endocrine systems within the body. Romiromi also balances male and female energies and most importantly balances the mauri (life force) with the wairua (spirit). Blocked energy on any level can create imbalance in the body which can lead to disease. This extraneous energy can sometimes be held in the DNA or be an accumulation of held emotions in this lifetime.