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Raven visits with Many Hands as he shares with us about The Many Hands Community Outreach Programs. April 20, 2014 at 4pm


The Founder of Many Hands Community, David Many Hands Maloney, will join us to share about the programs offered through this unique local outreach project.

The Many Hands Community includes a land stewardship program and the Many Hands Community School (MHCS); a year-round program involving children, parents, & community members in education & multi-cultural programs, recreation, community improvement, & service activities. Incorporating elements of Social and Emotional Learning, Life-role Education and Community Awareness, education through Peace Village Curriculum, the traditional wisdom and the applied spirituality of the Native American Sacred Hoop teachings, this community offers a wealth of resources.

David “Many Hands” Maloney

Currently, David is the President of Peace Village board of directors, the Founder, Executive Director and Manager of ‘Many Hands Community’ non-profit organization and teacher of Circles of Change curriculum at the Network Charter School.

David presently develops and coordinates community assistance and service learning opportunities. He is a dedicated educator with elementary, high school and university teaching experience, as well as experience in curriculum development. Thus far, he has been responsible as the Executive Director for the majority of the effort in establishing Many Hands Community non-profit: for the organization, structure, site development, and documentation. He holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Education in Counseling, Family and Human Services. He also holds a Not-For-Profit certificate from the Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management at the University of Oregon.