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Raven visits with Many Hands as he shares with us about The Many Hands Community Outreach Programs. April 20, 2014 at 4pm


The Founder of Many Hands Community, David Many Hands Maloney, will join us to share about the programs offered through this unique local outreach project.

The Many Hands Community includes a land stewardship program and the Many Hands Community School (MHCS); a year-round program involving children, parents, & community members in education & multi-cultural programs, recreation, community improvement, & service activities. Incorporating elements of Social and Emotional Learning, Life-role Education and Community Awareness, education through Peace Village Curriculum, the traditional wisdom and the applied spirituality of the Native American Sacred Hoop teachings, this community offers a wealth of resources.

David “Many Hands” Maloney

Currently, David is the President of Peace Village board of directors, the Founder, Executive Director and Manager of ‘Many Hands Community’ non-profit organization and teacher of Circles of Change curriculum at the Network Charter School.

David presently develops and coordinates community assistance and service learning opportunities. He is a dedicated educator with elementary, high school and university teaching experience, as well as experience in curriculum development. Thus far, he has been responsible as the Executive Director for the majority of the effort in establishing Many Hands Community non-profit: for the organization, structure, site development, and documentation. He holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Education in Counseling, Family and Human Services. He also holds a Not-For-Profit certificate from the Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management at the University of Oregon.


Nancy Shippentower-Games on “Make No Bones About It. 4-21-2013 4pm


Nancy’s parents are Donald & Janet McCloud, we grew up on the banks of the Nisqually River, my father’s parents are Willie Frank & Angeline Tobin, my mother’s are Mamie McCoy & John Renecker – I have 7 siblings, 6 children and 10 grandchildren. I live in Yelm, WA., by my parents home..

Janet is a Tulalip Tribal Member, Don is a Puyallup Tribal member.

Nancy grew up in the fishing wars on both the Nisqually & Puyallup River – we seen, heard and felt the anger of the sportsmen, game agents and the state government.

Nancy graduated from college at Evergreen College under the direction of Mary Hilliare.

Nancy worked at the Puyallup Tribe off and on for over 30 years – I like Natural resources jobs,. Nancy has been on Tribal Council during the Land Claims Settlement.

Signed the Centennial Accord & Puyallup Tribal Land Claims.

Nancy is very vocal when it comes to telling the truth of the fishing rights, or protecting our natural resources.

Nancy said we were very luck our parents took us around d the United States to visit other nations, participate in their ceremonies and learn different traditions and cultures.

Evening with Eli Painted Crow

Join Raven and his guest Eli Painted Crow on KAOS radio this Sunday, 1-10-2010 AT 5 PM.

COME LISTEN IN TO WHAT HAPPENING WITH  Eli PaintedCrow is a 22 yr. retired Army Veteran who served in Iraq in 2004. A Native American from the Yaqui Nation, grandmother of 8, a mother of 2 sons who both served in the military, she has been called upon by her conscious and her spirit to play and pray for peace.

The vision for the drumming and coming together of women to drum for the peace of the world is from Eli PaintedCrow. We drummed from dawn on Friday continuously until noon on Monday. The drums never stopped. Kaya, the grandmother drum held the drum beat for the entire time. Sometimes there were only a few drummers on site and other times there were several hundred people gathered together. The sense of wonder, power, community, love, sharing and the force behind the prayer for peace was incredible and extremely moving.