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Redbone speaks with Veteran Warren Gohl of Seneca Nation -12-15-2013, 4pm


Veteran Warren Gohl of Tacoma.

Veteran Warren Gohl of Seneca Nation

Department of Corrections 1980 – 2006. Retired as Community Corrections Officer 3 – Tacoma DOC.
US Army 1959 – 1980. Retired as Chief Warrant Officer, US Army.

American Indian Background: Descendant maternally of Chief Comstock, Seneca on the Sandusky, Ohio. Tribe relocated pursuant to Treaty of Greenville, Ohio, in 1832, to Indian Territory. Later formed as Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma.

Indian Country Voluntary Activities :

2003 – Present: Chaplain, Inter-Tribal Warriors Society. A veterans support organization sponsored by the Muckleshoot Tribe of Auburn, Washington. Society provides scheduled honor guard memorial services to deceased veterans at Tahoma National Cemetery and American Indian veterans in their communities.

2007 – 2013: Traditional American Indian Religious Services Provider, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, DOC. Contracted by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Day Break Star, Seattle. Provided traditional religious services to the Stafford Creek American Indian/Alaskan Native Circle.

2010 – 2012: On call American Indian Religious Services Provider, Washington State Hospital Forensic Confinement Center.
Provided traditional religious services to American Indian and Alaskan Native inmates.

2010 – Present: Member, Joint American Indian Veterans Advisory Council to the Veterans Adminstration Northwest Region.
Represents the Inter-Tribal Warrior Society and the American Lake Veterans Hospital Sweat Lodge.

2012 – Present: White Bison Wellbriety facilitator, Special Confinement Center, DSHS, McNeil Island,WA. Provides American Indian/Alaskan Native Circle traditional based values to counteract influences of sexual violence and trans generational trauma.

2012 – Present: Member of the Race and Pedagogy Initiative, Chair, Dr.Dexter Gordon, University of Puget Sound, a national levle academia and community based program designing methodology to interdict minority ethnic “School to Prison Pipeline” and unobstruct the “Prison to Community Pipeline”.

2012 – Present: Chief Elder, Elder Council, American Lake Veterans Hospital Sweat Lodge. Council provides American Indian traditional purification sweat lodge to male and female veterans afflicted with conditions of PTSD, Tramautic Brain Injury and Sexual Trauma. Sweat Lodge available as requested as adjunct therapy for veteran family members and VA staff.

2013 – Present: On Call Traditional American Indian Religious Services Provider to American Indian and Alaskan Native psychiatric/substance abuse in-patients of the Seattle Veterans Hospital. Recommended by the Seattle Indian Health Board to provide this service.

Warren Gohl far left



Evening with Eli Painted Crow

Join Raven and his guest Eli Painted Crow on KAOS radio this Sunday, 1-10-2010 AT 5 PM.

COME LISTEN IN TO WHAT HAPPENING WITH  Eli PaintedCrow is a 22 yr. retired Army Veteran who served in Iraq in 2004. A Native American from the Yaqui Nation, grandmother of 8, a mother of 2 sons who both served in the military, she has been called upon by her conscious and her spirit to play and pray for peace.

The vision for the drumming and coming together of women to drum for the peace of the world is from Eli PaintedCrow. We drummed from dawn on Friday continuously until noon on Monday. The drums never stopped. Kaya, the grandmother drum held the drum beat for the entire time. Sometimes there were only a few drummers on site and other times there were several hundred people gathered together. The sense of wonder, power, community, love, sharing and the force behind the prayer for peace was incredible and extremely moving.