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Sarah Skywind and Juan R Leõn on “Make No Bones About It.” July 10th, 2016 at 4pm


Sarah Skywind is founder, owner of Skywind Art. And owner of NHONOROF art line.Art.Jewelry/beaded art.Sarah also is the owner of Hummingbird Visual Design. Sarah will  partner with Your Business Consultant. She partners with many Business as an Consult on economic development and business consulting, she specializing and focusing tribal economic growth while encompassing the traditional ways of our client’s communities.  Sarah is the founder of F.A.C.T. First Americans Coalition for Truth. Founder of A.R.R.O.W. Awareness of the Relations and Responsibilities for Our World. Sarah is an Art agent for Leonard Peltier working with Chauncey Peltier.


Bassist/Chapman Stickist/Native American Flutist Juan R Leõn was born in Sonora,Mexico. He us of Yaqui, Tarahumara and Chicano deacent. He is bassist for the instrumental prog trio Jupiter Groove and has recorded three albums of solo material. Juan draws from a diverse library of influences and various techniques.His instrumentals weave melodies and harmonies into a rich tapestry of ambient,fusion,post prog and new age.All of his solo Stick®,bass and soundscape pieces are recorded in one take with no overdubs. He also experiments with field recording s which he calls Emotional Response Sound Experiments, or E.R.S.E. These unique ambient sound compositions are at once haunting and musical.

Learn more about Sarah and Juan this July 10th at 4 pm on “Make No Bones About It.” listen live at http://www.kaosradio.org