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American Indian Lobby Day 2015

Robert Satiacum and Robert Upham 

American Indian Lobby Day 2015 Flier

2015 Flier

Some of the Bills to look for

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Will be visiting with Robert Upham and Scotti Clifford about an upcoming event. “Blues Concert & Art Benefit- Honoring Our “Unsung Heroes”. -March 16th, 2014 4:30pm


Description of the event happening this March 22, 2014.
Blues Music by Waylon Mendoza & Scatter Their Own. Art by Robert Upham of the Harlem Indian Project & Blue Pony Youth Program. Join us in honoring our Unsung Heroes & American Indian History through Ledger Art, Blues Music, Spoken Word and Poetry.

Robert Upham, AKA- “Harlem Indian” – Make No Bones About It- 12-8-2013, 5:00-5:30pm


Robert is the Director of  Blue Pony Youth Program is one of many projects that Robert is involved it.  Learn more about what Robert is up too, Make No Bones About It- 12-8-2013, 5:00-5:30pm.

Robert Upham, AKA- “Harlem Indian” is a mixed blood American Indian from the Gros Ventre, Assiniboine, Dakota, Salish, Pend Oreille, and Adopted Blackfeet and Lakota. He grew up on the fort Belknap Indian Reservation near the town of Harlem, Montana. In 1994 upon the advice of his Uncle Floyd Red Crow Westerman, robert walked across the United States with Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American …Indian Movement. The walk was called the Walk For Justice and the purpose was to raise awareness of Leonard Peltiers imprisonment and the various issues across Indian Country.

He is an artist in the tradition of the Winter Count. His mediums are: Acrylic, Pen, Pencil and VIDEO. For the last 9 years he has used video to educate the public on the american Indian Cause.  He is presently Director of the Blue Pony Youth Program.  His major Project at this time is a movie called “the Harlem Indian Project- License to be Indian”.

His phone number is 360-581-8631 and his e-mail is: harlem_indian_revolution@yahoo.com

Raven will visit with Robert Upham about the movie “Crooked Arrows”. 3-18-2012 AT 4PM

Exclusive Movie Preview. Don’t miss it. It will be a fun filled night of Entertainment:D and the Featured Entertainer is: GARY FARMER of the movie “POW-WOW HIGHWAY” and his band the Troublemakers:)