Evening with Kristopher Barney

Evening with Kristopher Barney

Sunday, July 4, 2010
5:00pm – 6:00pm
KAOS 89.3 FM
Olympia, WA


Kristopher Barney is a traditional man, writer, artist who farms the mountain desert on his family’s land in the community of Rough Rock/Black Mesa, in the Navajo Nation. He lives in speaks by the traditional Dine’ (Navajo) way, close to the land and sky. He has published locally and internationally and has traveled across this sacred homeland to visit and share songs, seeds and prayers with other tribal relatives and nations. He is currently working and learning from elders and youth with his Tse’ Chi’zhi’ (Rough Rock) Garden & Art Project that was established years ago to bring traditional seeds, crops and Navajo farming techniques back into the Rough Rock community.

His clans are One Who Walks Around, born for Red Bottom People, his maternal grandfather’s clan is Red Running Into Water and his paternal grandfather is Salt Water People and Hopi.

You can contact him by phone at: 928 429 1459



One response to “Evening with Kristopher Barney

  1. Carole Spirit HAwk Blodgett

    I am so grateful that you make these available for those that can not be there at the time…ceremony called and I answered but I still get to hear this amazing show. Thank you Brian fr bringing these people to us!

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