Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Conscious Empowerment for the Gulf Coast – Red Road Perspective

This is a conversation on how the Gulf Coast events may play into Hopi prophecy and what the bigger picture might represent in terms of underscoring a need for change to avoid ever more harmful environmental fallout as a result of lack of respect for our fragile ecosystem. Raven Redbone – hosts a show on Native issues and showcases elders who remind us to seek out the wisdom of indigenous cultures. We are encouraged to value development of stronger community role models and include sacred prayer as a daily practice … He highlights a list of influential Native Americans worth finding out more about. Find him at http://www.ravenredbone.wordpress.com or on Facebook at Make no bones about it.

Hosted by: Wendy Garrett

Check out the show : Raven Redbone and Wendy Garrett