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Coming Home

Coming Home

By Brian Frisina aka Raven Redbone

One way we can address our climate issues is that we all have a responsibility. Every tribe has their own way and they need to return to spiritual ways to save the earth, the air and the water. Western culture needs to learn humility, to learn to share and to take responsibility. Western culture is killing all of us.
– Albert White Hat, Sr., Rosebud Sioux

In this time of what the Elders are calling great Earth changes, I myself am grateful to be alive today and helping our society “come home” to the Earth. Tribal Peoples from every corner of Mother Earth are calling for us to unite, work together in creating a more sustainable way to live on Mother Earth. To me it’s about how we walk on Mother Earth. We as human beings need to acknowledge the Tribal ways and bring it back into our lives. The Tribal way is one of prayer through the offering of sacred tobacco, gathering together, offering prayers of love and gratitude for Mother Earth and all she provides for us to live. It is about interacting with life, not just sitting there but participating in life. In this way we express our being, thinking, seeing, and share our journey on Mother Earth. Prayer is the heart of the “Tribal Way.” Prayer is the exchange of energies that flows between all life and the Creator. Through our prayers it honors our sacredness with gratitude and love for all Mother Earth. First we need to take time and touch the Earth, really touch her. Feel her aliveness. Know we are a smaller version of our Mother Earth. When we do this we see that we are a part of the Mother Earth. In the old way this was, and is, an understood reality. They lived on Mother Earth taking only what they needed and giving back more.

Mother Earth is the source of all life, not a resource
Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Why do the tribal people live in harmony with all things around them? It is about choice. The choices to understand we are relatives we are all one. We are coming into a whole new paradigm, one in which conscious choices and sustainable choices are made by everyone. It is up to you. Those of you who continue to rape, pillage and plunder our Mother Earth will enter into another realm, no death just changing of a world. New worlds of greener perspectives are opening up for each and every one of you. Together we will create the world of living with Mother Earth, in harmony as our ancestors did before us. Tribal Peoples expressed their relationship and love for the ancient waters through dance, song, and ceremony.

One of the major concerns with the Tribes that should concern us all is our ancient waterways. Living in the Northwest this is a major concern. The Salish Sea has many problems with pollution. There are toxic chemicals that are continuing to be dumped and poured into the Sea. Looking at it from a distance it looks great and beautiful. Yes she is beautiful, but there is so much that is happening beneath the water. Salish Sea after it rains contains oil, grease, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and many other things that can do harm to the Sea and the many forms of life she sustains. The toxins are killing the shellfish and vegetation. Today with the growing population we are concerned with the dumping and use of chemicals on yards, flowers, hygiene products of which goes into our watersheds. We need to use products that are safe to use on our lawns. We need to also realize that what we are putting on our bodies puts all of us at risk, and our Mother Earth. Parabens can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical pharmaceuticals and toothpaste. It is all about choice. We can choose to continue to use harmful items or start using items that contribute to a cleaner, healthier world for us and our children.

It is time for us to look to Seven Generations ahead. Do you wish to leave your kids a beautiful earth, a living legacy of sustainability and walking gentle on Mother Earth? There is a way to live with earth and a way not… I choose the way to live with her! I am reminded as I write this that all things are possible. Coming home to the Tribal way we are seeing the return of the natural way at our Nisqually Refuge. There are species returning, water that is clean, and a Mother Earth who is happy. Let’s invest in our future. Rise up and show your love for Mother Earth.

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something less?
– Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Brian M. Frisina, aka Raven Redbone, is from Olympia. He hosts a radio show at 5 pm Sundays on KAOS 89.3 and online at Contact him at or at



An Evening with Michele “Shelly” Vendiola – August 29, 2010 5 pm


Join Raven and his guest Michele “Shelly” Vendiola.

Ms. Vendiola has been a mediator, educator and community activist going on 20 years. She works as a consultant for local and national organizations and community groups that work for environmental, economic and social justice including the Swinomish Climate Change Initiative – organizing the Climate Change Education & Awareness Group (CCEAG). Formerly the Campaign Director for …the Indigenous Environmental Network she continues to work in collaboration with IEN advocating environmental justice initiatives for tribes in the Pacific Northwest region. She serves on the board of the Progressive Technologies Project, a national non-profit whose mission is to raise the level of technical resources available to grassroots organizations and groups. Shelly provides training and technical assistance to the Lummi CEDAR Project, a community-based non-profit that provides youth leadership programs for the Lummi tribal community. Ms. Vendiola received formal mediation training from the San Francisco Community Boards Program and the Indian Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., where she also produced and led dispute resolution and peacemaking programs and events. She continues to provide conflict resolution training and facilitation with her mother and cadre of trainers for tribal communities, organizatons and agency programs throughout the country. Shelly has a M.Ed. in Adult & Higher Education and practices popular education methodology within all aspects of her work as an educator, activist, and community organizer. Michele “Shelly” Vendiola Communications Facilitator Swinomish Climate Change Initiative Co-founder Community Alliance & Peacemaking Project Consultant/Mediator Phone: 360-421-4321 Website:

DATE: Sunday August 29th, 2010

Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Location: KAOS 89.3 FM

KAOS is a non-commercial, community radio station broadcasting at 89.3 FM in the South Sound area of Washington state. The station is located on The Evergreen State College campus, in Olympia City/Town: Olympia, WA

An Evening with Ben Carnes 8-5-2010 at 5pm

Ben Carnes is a Choctaw activist and writer who received the 1987 Oklahoma Human Rights Award for making a stand against forced hair-cutting policies while incarcerated. He was paroled in August 1988, and has been involved in organizing events and demonstrations on behalf of Native people and Native prisoners, including Leonard Peltier. He is currently immersed in several writing projects, including his biography that he hopes t…o have published before the end of 2010.

An Evening with Kevin Locke “Make No Bones About It.” August 22, 2010 5pm

Kevin Locke is the world-renowned Lakota visionary Hoop Dancer and preeminent player of indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and an educator. Kevin has travelled to over 80 countries and works tirelessly to convey something universal about our human condition through the folk art of his community. Kevin believes that we can each draw from our individual heritage to create a vibrant, evolving global civilization that embraces and celebrates our diversity and collective heritage.

Through the medium of the ancient Native American Hoop Dance, Kevin Locke presents a worldview that includes all cultures and all peoples. Lakota mystic Black Elk called this worldview the ‘Great Hoop of Life’. Through words, music, and dance, this presentation will convey Kevin’s own voice and the voice of his ancestors, who were stewards of the earth and a people committed to living with the land. This presentation will also emphasize the voice of the marginalized peoples.

Historically, these peoples have created sustainable life systems, and knowledge traditions still exist within indigenous beliefs that can enhance our current efforts to create a sustainable world. Teaching through the domain of the arts, Kevin offers a program that will appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners by generating an experience that creates an awareness of our shared humanity.

“We need to remember who we are and where we are from but also remember that our reality is our soul, our spiritual reality, and that transcends gender, ethnicity, and language. It is possible to be decent members of the human being tribe no matter where we live or who we are!”

Visit Kevin at

We are Spirit we are Soul…Our reality is our soul, our spiritual reality  transcends gender, ethnicity and language. – Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke from Jack On the Road on Vimeo.

“Make No Bones About It.”