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Kate Elliott on KAOS this coming Sunday at 5pm, Jan.27th

Kate Elliott Bio

Tantoo Cardinal on Make No Bones About It.

Tantoo Cardinal (Metis) this Sunday, 1-13-2013 at 4pm


Tantoo Cardinal (Metis) is one of the most renowned Indigenous actors in the world.

Throughout her acting career Tantoo has done much to minimize the inaccuracies and stereotypical portrayals of Indigenous people that tend to infect mainstream media, bringing instead genuine warmth and understanding to her very human characters. The confines of acting in someone else’s story have lead Tantoo to take the courageous step of writing her own stories, and she has remembered what it was she wanted to do before acting just “came along”.

We watch and listen as Tantoo reads from a short story she has written. . It is moving, funny and passionate writing, and easily conjures the images, sounds, textures and flow of the story in the mind’s eye of the listener. It is visual storytelling.