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“The Scoop” on “Make No Bones About It” with Barbara Elk, Samantha Elk. August 11th, 2019 4-6pm

“The Scoop”

As a Dakota (Sioux), originally stolen from her People at the age of 5, Barbara Elk has sought to find the Truth of who she is, who her People are and seek out others who have also endured and survived the infamous Canadian 60s Scoop Program. 

Despite a tumultuous childhood of foster homes, a children’s home and two failed adoption homes, she has raised two children, became a writer and a successful model and spokesperson.

Today, she resides in Florida with her husband, Jon and is close to her adult children, Samantha and Jack. She keeps herself connected to the Indigenous community by participating in the yearly Florida Indian Youth Program, an intensive two-week camp program for teens who participate in scholastic, cultural and social events all designed to introduce them to higher education. 
Sam is an amateur writer, blogger, Youtuber and new to the podcast world. From the Philadelphia area, to the Evergreen State and now to Florida, Sam is fully aware of how culturally diverse this country is with so many interesting individuals who have their own stories to share and tell.
Sam took a three year break from college to figure out life but will be returning this coming Spring. In the meantime, starting a show with her mother seemed like a good opportunity for the both of them to get more connected with other Indigenous folks and document the issues facing our communities.

Evening with Barbara Elk – May 9, 2010



Join Raven and his guest Barbara Elk.



For the first five years of her life, Barbara was raised on Sioux Valley reserve in Manitoba, Canada by her strong Dakota mother along with her six siblings.


Her tumultuous young life  is the inspiration for many of her fictional stories.   She has discovered over the years to utilize her sardonic humor and positive attitude as  a way to emotionally and mentally survive the many upheavals in her life, including the traumatic, forced separation from her loving family for many years.


With her two amazing children, Samantha and Jack, and her three wonderful stepchildren, CJ, Nathan and Jillian, the support and encouragement from her best friend and husband, John, and the many fantastic and intriguing friends she has been blessed to have who read and re-read her stories — Barbara has realized how important it is to share the talent given by the Creator with everyone else, whether it be through painting, drawing, dancing, sewing, writing, etc.


Through her writings, Barbara hopes that people who read her stories walk away with a sense of hope and humor — and are strengthened by them in some way.


 Barbara Elk Webpage: http://barbaraelk.com/blog/