Justi at Finkbonner on Make No Bones About It. 5-5-2013 4pm


Justin Finkbonner (Lummi Nation)Program Coordinator …
Justin,Enrolled Lummi Tribal Member,community activist for the Lummi Reservation.Justin pursued his higher education at Northwest Indian College and later Huxley College of Environmental Science at Western Washington University . Justin has received Fellowships from NASA, Udall Foundation in DC 104th Congressional Session under Senator Max Baucus, EPA, AIHEC Member, AISES, and Student Congress.

Prior to joining Potlatch Fund in August of 2005, Just…in held a variety of positions: Janitor at Youth Rec. at Lummi Nation (1yr), NWIC Accounting Dept. (1yr), Boys and Girls Club Coordinator – Lummi Nation (1yr), Project Coordinator Semiahmah Project (burial desecration) Lummi Nation (1yr), Office Administrator at 29 Palm Band of Mission Indians- California (1yr) and Director of the Funding, Statistics and Research Dept. at Lummi (5 yrs).

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