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Nathan Blind Man – Descendant of Survivors of Wounded Knee Massacre.

Nathan Blind Man of Pine Ridge, South Dakota has done extensive research about the proposed sale of the site of the massacre that took place at Wounded Knee in 1890. He is a descendant of survivors of that massacre and for him and his people it is a sacred site. In Lakota culture, sacred artifacts, places and items cannot be sold. Please stand with Nathan and the Oglala Sioux who say that this land belongs to the Lakota people

Louie Gong On KAOS 89.3 FM 5-5-2013 – 5 pm


Louie Gong is an educator, activist, and artist who was raised by his grandparents in the Nooksack tribal community. He is the past President of MAVIN, co-developer of the Mixed Heritage Center, and a former child and family therapist. Louie is also the founder of Eighth Generation, through which he merges traditional Coast Salish art and icons from popular culture to make strong statements about identity, such as his highly sought-after, hand-drawn custom shoes. Louie’s latest creation is called “Mockups”, a DIY art toy based on his work with youth and his desire to a make the experience of personalizing a pair of shoes more accessible.

Louie is proud to have represented his family and community through keynote level presentations and custom shoe workshops around the world, as well as in media such as NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, MSNBC.com, and Indian Country Today. His unique merger of art and activism is the subject of UNRESERVED: the Work of Louie Gong, a Longhouse Media film that was selected to screen at prestigious film festivals around the world, including Festival De Cannes and National Geographic’s All Roads Film Festival.

In 2012, Louie began an artistic partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian called Design Yourself: I AM NMAI, and a collaboration with Manitobah Mukluks that led to the “LG Gatherer”, a limited edition boot that has already sold out of it’s first 3 runs.

Louie was recently honored by being named to Native Max Magazine’s list of the “Top 10 Inspirational Native’s: Past and Present” and received the Seattle Indian Health Board’s Adeline Garcia’s Community Service Award, through which the nation’s largest Urban Indian Health Clinic recognizes community leaders for volunteer service.


Chief Arvol Looking Horse on “Make No Bones About It. 5-5-2013 4:30-5pm


Mitakuye Oyasin!
My Grandmother shared with me a powerful time when the people came together for prayers during the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. She accepted a C’anupa to bring out the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle to end the drought and bring healing to Mother Earth. Even the non-native farmers heard of this prayer time and offered a cow to feed for the ceremony. The prayer was answered!
Recently I accepted tobacco from a Grandmother – Anpao Wic’ah’pi Was’te Winyan of the Ihanktowan Oyate. She had a dream of bringing People together at the bundle to pray for a healing of the biggest cancer that is spreading upon Mother Earth; caused from the Tar Sand efforts with XL pipeline that is threatening to come through our territory and our Sacred Sites.

Our Nation who is known as the Pte Oyate (The Buffalo People) will be praying with Sacred Bundle on May 18, 2013. Please bring food for feast and tobacco offerings.

I am asking ‘All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer’ to help us during this time of this gathering by praying with us on this day where ever you are upon Mother Earth.

We need to stop the desecration that is hurting Mother Earth and the communities. These recent spills of oil are affecting the blood of Mother Earth; Mni wic’oni (water of life).

Chief Bernard Ominiayak of the Lubicon Lake First Nation of Canada is also asking for prayers and to let the World know of his People¹s stand against the Development that is happening against his People. They sit on 70% of oil; those that are after this oil are threatening their lives. His concern at this moment is of non-members, without their consent, signing away their rights and negotiating with Corporations that will forever affect their way of life – to live off the land – handing them a death sentence. At this moment there are too many of their people dying from cancer. When they hunt, they are finding maggot-infested moose. When they fish they are finding two headed fish. The people are dying from trying to survive in a traditional way in their territory. The UN has submitted a statement in support of Lubicon Lake Nation’s stand to live in Sovereignty and live in their tradition.

We have many concerns at this time. Along with the First Nations whose territory is within the Tar Sands desecration; with their lives being threatened and also the high death rates of cancer, along with the sickness of the land and animals.

Many other Nations are committed to praying with us on the day of our ceremony. For those that cannot attend, Chief Wic’ah’pi To Wambdi is helping with his sister¹s dream representing the Ihanktowan Oyate, by asking those that cannot attend to send him tobacco ties and flags so he can carry them for the People to the Bundle.
I have also been contacted by People who will have another gathering outside the UN at Isaiah’s Wall in NYC, they are committing to support and pray with us on May 17th at noon.

In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no

Hec’el oinipikte (that we shall live)
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the
Sacred White Buffalo Pipe

photo from: http://www.aaronpierre.com

Justi at Finkbonner on Make No Bones About It. 5-5-2013 4pm


Justin Finkbonner (Lummi Nation)Program Coordinator …
Justin,Enrolled Lummi Tribal Member,community activist for the Lummi Reservation.Justin pursued his higher education at Northwest Indian College and later Huxley College of Environmental Science at Western Washington University . Justin has received Fellowships from NASA, Udall Foundation in DC 104th Congressional Session under Senator Max Baucus, EPA, AIHEC Member, AISES, and Student Congress.

Prior to joining Potlatch Fund in August of 2005, Just…in held a variety of positions: Janitor at Youth Rec. at Lummi Nation (1yr), NWIC Accounting Dept. (1yr), Boys and Girls Club Coordinator – Lummi Nation (1yr), Project Coordinator Semiahmah Project (burial desecration) Lummi Nation (1yr), Office Administrator at 29 Palm Band of Mission Indians- California (1yr) and Director of the Funding, Statistics and Research Dept. at Lummi (5 yrs).