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Indigenous Peoples Day 2015 Olympia



Indigenous Peoples Day

Why is that so important? … It means that we have made a very large part of the world recognize who we are and even to stand with us in solidarity in our long fight. From now on, children all over the world will learn the true story of American Indians on Columbus Day instead of a pack of lies about three European ships.”

– Jimmie Durham, 1977

Since the invasion of Turtle Island our Indigenous Peoples have been under attack. Columbus represents genocide, raping, boarding schools and the displacement of our Indigenous Peoples. For my family and me, we are working toward social justice and human rights for all Indigenous Peoples. We promote, highlight and recognize the necessity of Indigenous wisdom for humanity survival.

“Indigenous Peoples Day” re-imagines Columbus Day and transforms  celebration of a known murder of our Indigenous Peoples into an opportunity to expose historical truths about the genocide and oppression of indigenous peoples in the Americas. It is time for us to recognize and celebrate indigenous resistance. It is time we stop the genocidal attack of Mama Earth and the Original Peoples of this world if we are going to survive. It is time for us all to start the healing. “This is in the spirit of Billy Frank, Jr.”

October 12th, this year in Olympia will be an evening of sharing words from our Tribal Nations and City Officials. We will be starting with our local Indigenous Peoples: Lummi, Nisqually, Puyallup, Squaxin, Quileute, and beyond. We will be starting the evening with a welcome from representatives from Nisqually and Squaxin followed with songs from Squaxin Island Drum Group. Throughout the evening we will be hearing from Native voices: Nancy Shippentower, Puyallup Nation, John McCoy, Tulalip Nation, DouGlas Skarhoniatai, Mohawk, and Swil Kanim, Lummi Nation. We will also be hearing from Stephen Buxbaum, Mayor of Olympia and Nathaniel Jones Mayor Pro- tem. Before the evening is over we will finish with an open mic for the remainder of time.

Join us at Sylvester Park, Capital Way S & Legion Way SE, Olympia, Washington 98501

October 12th, 2015, 4-8 pm

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Brian Frisina aka Raven Redbone, hosts a weekly local Indigenous Peoples

Radio program called “Make No Bones About It” on KAOS radio 89.3 FM here in the Olympia. Contact: Brian Frisina,

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KAOS Fall Pledge Drive 2015


KAOS Radio

KAOS is a non-commercial community/college radio station broadcasting from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Tune in on 89.3 FM in the South Sound or by webstream.

Chauncey Peltier on Make No Bones About It. Sepember 20th ,2015 at 4pm


Chauncey Peltier is Leonard Peltier’s son and a Board member of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. He was only 10 years old at the time of his father arrest. This one singular event was extremely devastating for Chauncey, it left him without a father forcing him to care for himself and his family. Chauncey has been involved in his father’s struggle for freedom all of his adult life and is the Director of Art for the ILPDC. If interested in displaying Leonard Peltier’s art in your local area, want to purchase an original oil painting or print or wish more details on Leonard’s art please contact Chauncey at

Scatter Their Own, September 13th, 2015 at 4pm on KAOS 89.3 fm


SCATTER THEIR OWN, Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford, are an Alternative Rock Duo of Oglala Lakota ancestry from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota. Scotti Clifford has performed across the U.S. and Canada as a Vocalist, Back-up Vocalist, Bass-Player, Drummer, and Guitarist. But now the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist fronts the duo with Bassist/Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocalist Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford. Scatter Their Own, lyrically, pays tribute to the concepts and philosophy of their Lakota culture while fusing Alternative Rock and Blues into what they would like to call Alter-Native Rock and Roll. They believe that their music celebrates Grandmother Earth.
Scatter Their Own have been definitely building a loyal fan base nationally. They have been up and down the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles touring. Over the past two years, STO has also toured the Southwest, the Midwest, and have also done shows in Canada. They will soon be announcing a Spring Tour, as well as select summer dates in support their of new album “Taste The Time,” available March 11th, 2014.


Mike Mease, co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign, on “Make No Bones About It.” September 13th, 2015 at 5pm


Mike Mease, co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign.

Learn what you can do to help the campaign and preserve the buffalo.

Please visit their website at

Nadine Spence (Rev/Evo Designs) on “Make No Bones About It.” September 6, 2015, at 5:30pm


Nadine’s Father is from Pukaist Spences Bridge he is Nlaka’pamux and her Mother is from Dog Creek/Canoe Creek and is Secwepemc. She was raised in Spences Bridge/ Nlakapamux Nation. She is multi-talented as she is a fashion designer, writer and a role model. She loves to design fashions with a unique and beautiful flare for her customers. You can often see her eco- clothes being modeled at various fashion shows throughout BC. Fashion for her is a creative endeavor and mostly produced from other recyclable products and fabrics. Her creative writings inspires many women and younger people. She has been involved in her community by helping others and providing great leadership and insight into day to day band operations. Nadine in her own way through her many art forms, projects and actions is an advocate for the many Aboriginal Canadian Social Issues, not being dealt with to this day in Canada, on and off reserve. She also loves her family, especially her grandchildren, who can be a handful but enjoys spending time with them. She is a Board of Director for BC Native Women Association and is very dedicated to making a better life for herself and others. Her most important title is being a Grandmother, Mother and Aunty to many and of course she is a Strong-Loving Nlaka’pamux/Secwepemc Woman. Qualifications of most importance to her is being a survivor of many of the Aboriginal Issues, she stands up for, which is apart of her continuous insight and healing to this day.

Her other titles and qualifications are of such; Entrepreneur Owner/designer of and Eco- friendly line called Rev/Evo Designs, Founding member of Bee the Change Aboriginal Art Society, Graduate of UFV with honors winning The Most Creative Award, then chosen to compete in Smirnoff Fashion Release, Toronto. Receiving her Certificate and Diploma in Fashion Design with Textile Option, courses in marketing and business management, as well from Justice Institute of Technology the project planning certificate. Project Coordinator and Consultant, for various events from Peachfests BTC Aboriginal Fine Arts and Fashion Show, Talking Stick Evolve Fashion Show, 100 year Anniversary of the Interior Allied Tribes Memorial and Grand Opening, 2010 Aboriginal Fashion Show, Healing the Warriors Heart Campaign, Inspire Fashion Show Quaaout Lodge, and most recent Spirit Fashion at Spirit of the People Powwow.

Participated in BC Fashion Week Balance, Fashion Has No Boarders. Created a project called, First Healing Through the Art a group that is still active with 300 members. Featured on, Aptn Spirit Creations, Aboriginal Women in Leadership Building a Path to Prosperity, Kelowna Now, Radio and Discussion Panels, with Suzette Amaya Radio and Rematriate Discussion Panel Articles and Magazines, Snap Kelowna, Event Magazine, Georgia Strait, Shop Kelowna, CFD Artisan Catalogue.

Various jobs and work experience from Clothing Store Manager, Clothing Store Sale Rep, Photo Studio Sales Rep, Gas Store Cashier, Clothing Manufacturer line Sewer, and team leader, Furniture Sales Rep, Coffee Shop Cashier, Landscaping Laborer, Construction Laborer, Silviculture Worker, Road Crew Repair, and Sheet Metal Capping.

Falcon Sison, Nisqually Tribe, on Make No Bones About It.- September 6th, 2015


( left to right Raven Redbone and Falcon Sison.  -Altern8ive shotz photography).

Falcon is an only child. His mother name is Consuelo Sison. Both Consuelo and Falcon are enrolled in the Nisqually Tribe. Falcon Sison is  33 year old. Falcon has stated ” I’ve learned to be available & that’s how I’ve lived my life. Just let Creator guide me.” Falcon says to I show up and work it takes, on his part. Falcon has learned to be available & that’s how, he has tried, to carry himself, through out his life. Falcon said, “I just show up & do whatever work, needs to be done, to the best of my ability.”

Falcon is a Culture Keeper. Falcon  drums, sings, weaves,and  learned how to make paddle’s & rattles. Falcon has been around ceremony his whole life, when called he shows up and does the work for his community.

Falcon has been  clean for 2 years & 7 days & counting. Falcon is apart of the Canoe Way and has participated in various ways of life & ceremonies. He  continues to keep learning his ancestral ways of life. Falcon currently works with the Leschi Heritage Foundation @ the culture center with his Tribe. Falcon is happily  married to Tyler Sison. Falcon and Tyler live in Nisqually.


Native alumni reunion2