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Join Raven and his guest Lori Boess, on 2-7-2010 at 5pm on “Make No Bones About It”.

Join Raven and his guest Lori Boess, on 2-7-2010 at 5pm on “Make No Bones About It”. Tune in to  KAOS 89.3 FM  dial or via the world wide web at http://www.kaosradio.org

Lori Boess, was raised here in the Northwest  in  Olympia  area where it has been here home for over 16 years. She is an artist of focusing on her Cherokee tradition. She create drums, rattles, fans, and other art. Lori  also participate in local festivals, pow wows, and other ceremonial gatherings.  You can visit her website to look at her  art www.medicinedogdrum.com or contact her at (360)280-2117. She teaches people to make drums in the ceremonial way, taught to her by GrandMother Berniece Falling Leaves.

Honoring her  teacher

Reverend Berniece Falling Leaves, is a third generation meta-physician who received most of her early training from her Grandmother, and from growing up in a Spiritualist Church. She is a Metis, half Lakota Sioux and half Danish, who received training from many Native Americans of different Tribes, Bands, and Nations. She is also guided by her Non-Physical Spiritual Teachers.  She has been actively working and teaching for more than 60 years.

 Learn more about Lori on Make No Bones About It.  Tune in 2-7-2010 at 5pm!