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LIVE performance of Métis music with fiddlers Sono Hashisaki of Seattle & Jamie Fox of Montana.

Tune into KAOS Sunday Jan. 25th, 2015  from 4-6pm on “Make No Bones About It” with Raven Redbone for a LIVE performance of Métis music with fiddlers  Sono Hashisaki of Seattle & Jamie Fox of Montana.

Metis Fiddle Flyer

IMG_0773 - Version 2

 Photo by Steve Zemke.

BIO for Sono Hashisaki


Jamie Fox – Bio


Will also be joined by Alex Lamoureux , Metis from Canada


Alex has been following his mom Patti around to old time dances growing up, and has always had a fiddle in his hand for as long as he can remember. Alex is currently the 4 time Manitoba fiddle Champion, 5 time Manitoba Metis fiddle champion, 2013 Grand North American fiddle champion, and has placed in the top 10 four times at the Canadian Grand Masters. Alex loves to teach, and perform regularly across Canada, and in 2010 performed at the First Medal Ceremony at the Olympics in Vancouver.

Joey Gray on the next Make No Bones About it. October 20th at 5pm

JG at INM Jan 2013 UW

Joey Gray (Métis, Okanagan, European) is a computer systems and management consultant for nonprofit organizations. She’s a lifelong organizer who led an international movement to integrate team sport so that women and men now compete together as equals at the top levels of play. Locally around the Salish Sea, nationally in the U.S. and Canada, and internationally from Asia to Europe, Joey co-founded, directed, coached, and oversaw national and world championships, recreation programs, organizations, teams, …and other events. She had the honor to act as head official for a new sport in The World Games held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, and to award the medals four years later.
But even as Secretary-General and Treasurer on the Executive Committee of a world sport federation – one of few women in such a leadership role – Joey recognized that modern sport as we know it is unsustainable. The championship system and any legitimacy that comes from it is dependent on artificially cheap fuel and excessive waste. We know it’s destructive. It’s destructive not only for Indigenous people worldwide, but for every living thing affected by pollution and climate change.
So several years ago, Joey re-directed her efforts to instead support a wide range of environmental and education groups, campaigns, and peaceful grassroots actions. She stopped flying, doesn’t own a car, lives in a tiny place, and, along with many other caring people, uses her information systems skills and nonprofit leadership experience to make choices like these more and more appealing and fun for all — especially bicycle infrastructure, growing food, politics, conservation, education, and leaving terrible toxic tar sands in the ground right where it belongs. @tarsandsactionseattle

An Evening with Charleen Touchette -“Messages from the Earth”

An Evening with Charleen Touchette -“Messages from the Earth”


Charleen Touchette is an artist, author, activist and mother of four living in the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is the New Mexico Coordinator of Martin Luther King III’s Realizing the Dream Initiative. She was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 1954 and authored t…he award-winning It Stops with Me: Memoir of a Canuck Girl, and NDN Art: Contemporary Native American Art. Charleen was awarded the Women’s Caucus for Art President’s Award in 1998. She is Québècois, Acadian and Métis of mixed blood French and Canadian First Nation ancestry and grew up bilingual in French and English. Charleen writes on the arts, handwork, sustainability, indigenous thinking, healing and nurturing creativity at OneEarthBlogblogspot.com. She is a staff writer for EcoHearth.com where you can find her “Messages from the Earth” Eco Blog, articles for Eco Zine and Eco Op-Ed pieces