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An Evening with Robert Satiacum and Deborah Guerrero 9-19th, 2010 5pm

Raven will be talking with Robert Satiacum about the film the Canoe Way that will be shown September 29th at 7pm at Traditions Fair Trade and Cafe which is a place to discover folk art products from cultures around the world. We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

More on the film:
Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey documents the annual Tribal Journeys of Pacific Northwest Coast Salish people. Indigenous tribes and First Nations… from Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska follow their ancestral pathways through the waters of Puget Sound, Inside Passage and the Northwest Coast. Families and youth reconnect with the past and each other. Ancient songs, dances, regalia, ceremonies, and language were almost lost and are coming back.
Raven will talk with Deborah Guerrero talk about Stand For Peace in Washington DC-Sunrise Friday October 8th to Monday October 11th, 2010, @ 3:33pm.

Turtle Women Rising invites you to support this Stand For Peace by joining us in DC, October 8th-11th, 2010, and to participate as much as you are comfortable. You can drum with us for all 4 days, or just come for an afternoon. Our organization is all volunteer, and our funding comes from donations and collaborations. TWR’s Fiscal Sponsorship is held by the Center For Sacred Studies, which means we are a non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible. We invite you to volunteer, make a donation, (either financial or inkind services), network with us and help us get the word out both with your local and global community, or bring TWR to your homeplace so we can offer a teaching, a lecture/discussion, a prayer circle or a performance.

Please note: No charge you may access the program via the internet at web link below..

DATE: Sunday September 19th, 2010

Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Location: KAOS 89.3 FM

KAOS is a non-commercial, community radio station broadcasting at 89.3 FM in the South Sound area of Washington state. The station is located on The Evergreen State College campus, in Olympia

City/Town: Olympia, WA

“Make No Bones About It.”

Evening with Robert Satiacum – May 23, 2010 5 pm

Join Raven and his guest Robert Satiacum, will be talking about Day of a 1000 Drums- A Rally for the Restoration of Ancestral Names.


My name is Robert Satiacum the son of Bob and Su’Zan Satiacum. I am a proud Indian enrolled with the Puyallup Tribe. My older siblings are Daniel, Steve, Vicki, Jody, my younger brother is Ty, and my sisters are Rene, Tammi and Lisa. Elizabeth Satiacum is my wife, My children are Robert Kyle jr or sonny boy, Elizabeth, Rachael, Skyler, and Sapphire. My grandchildren are, Emma Caiden, and Takoda.

Robert is working towards getting prepared to restore the original aboriginal indian name to Ti’ Swaq’ a.k.a Mt.Rainier. Sacred Names. Sacred Sites.


Cedar Media is a company dedicated to supporting the traditions, voices and healing of Native Americans through the use of digital media. It was founded in 2003 by independent media producers Mark Celletti and Robert Satiacum. Celletti and Satiacum have participated in Tribal Journeys for 12 years. They built the independent news web site: PuyallupTribalNews.com, which has made a positive impact on tribal politics. They also produced NativeElders.org (video interviews with native elders), NativeArtists.org, and most recently: CanoeWay.org.

Day of a 1000 Drums

Rally for the Restoration of Ancestral Names

Portland Ave Park, Tacoma WA

Sunday, May 30 from 11am to 4pm


Make No Bones about It. April 4th 2010 5pm

Tune in tomorrow for Make No Bones About It. on
KAOS 89.3 FM radio -www.kaosradio.org 5 pm with your host Raven.

Raven talks with Maria A. Trevizo about the upcoming ceremony Call to Prayer for the Salish Sea, and Special Guest Robert Satiacum will be in the house to  talk about The Canoe Way and how he is working towards restoring the original aboriginal indian name to Ti’ Swaq’ a.k.a Mt.Rainier.

Listen live http://kaos.evergreen.edu/listen.html