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Buffalo Field Campaign – Olympia-October 10th, 2014


BFC’s Campaign Coordinator Mike Mease will be hitting the road in September and October for a road show to Washington, Oregon, and California to share music, stories, video, and activism inspired by the Yellowstone bison. He’ll be joined by musicians Goodshield and Mignon Geli for what promise to be a handful of very special events. Please join BFC if you live in or near the following towns.

Friday, October 10, 7:00pm
Olympia, WA
Evergreen State College
2700 Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98506
TESC Lecture Hall 1
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Neils Chaske on “Make No Bones About It.” -September 28, 2014 at 4pm


Neils Chaske

I am full blooded Dakota Sioux from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. I was adopted and grew up in Pennsylvania. Over the many years I have traveled and saw many things and met great people along the way, In 1995 I reunited with my Family again, which I am very for.I have 4 and 2 boys who I very much, my will always be with me no matter where I go and me with them.They are my inspiration in my life. My Dream, vision and Passion is to help and All of my Relations in a Honorable,Respectful,humbling, good and Positive way. I am working on a few projects One I would like to announce,is where we are in Developing a Brand New Native American TV Program which is called “WHITE EAGLE SPEAKS” where we shall be bringing positive stories and topics from around the nation and around the world from many differant cultures.We shall touch the lives of many in a good and positive way if want to learn more, please email me I would be very happy to talk to you about this positive opportunuty we are developing.. Through White Eagle Speaks we shall have many people coming on to be interviewed with many different topics and issues from the many nations and also from around the world, where we shall be bringing many positive stories forward, from Elders, Activist, Business leaders, singers, actors, Professors, Drum Groups,Elders, Artist, Athletes, Chairman from many different Reservation’s, plus many other guest that has inspirational and Positive stories,and how they are helping and supporting the People, the children and Mother earth in a good and positive way.for all people and in particular for the children and Youth, who in turn shall become our leaders of tomorrow.We shall move forward together as one entity working for all People,children,youth,Elders,all of our four legged,all of our winged,the forest,the ,the air. For We are all connected on Motherearth.The time is now for all cutltures to Unite,for the creation for a brighter present and future.with one Heart,One Mind,and one Spirit To protect our Motherearth who gives each of us so much,To Inspire and teach our Children to never give up on there Dreams.Respect,Honor,each other and Motherearth. Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations).

Raven E. Heavy Runner on “Make No Bones About It.” September 21st, 2014 5pm


Raven Heavy Runner of the Northwest Two-Spirit Society, will shared with us on KAOS radio 89.3 fm, September 21, 2014 at 5pm. Raven will shared his experiences identifying as Two Spirit person, and identify differences between gay culture and traditional Native culture. Thanks again Raven!

Hanford McCloud, Nisqually on “Make No Bones About.” Sunday, 9-21-14 at 4pm


Hanford MCloud, Nisqually Tribe member shares on Make No Bones About It, this Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 4pm. A little about  Hanford Mcloud. He  is a Weaver, Carver, Culture Keeper , part of the Nisqually Canoe Family, and much more.


Tribal Canoe Journeys 2014, Hanford McCloud

Voices of Coal: Jay Julius, member of Lummi Nation tribal council and fisherman

Jay Julius is a fisherman and a member of the Lummi Nation tribal council. Lummi people have lived on the shores of Puget Sound north of Bellingham for thousands of years. Not far from their reservation lies Cherry Point, the proposed site for the largest coal export terminal in North America.

In the waters off of Cherry Point, Lummi fishers harvest halibut, salmon, herring, crab and shellfish. Julius worries that the increased coal tanker traffic would harm the tribe’s ability to exercise their treaty-guaranteed rights to harvest these fish and shellfish.

“One accident inside the Salish Sea and my way of life is gone,” Julius says.

If the terminal is built, he says, it could also destroy underwater archaeological sites and upland burial grounds.

audio by Ashley Ahearn, Katie Campbell
photography by Katie Campbell, Michael Werner

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Gary Farmer on “Make No Bones About It.” 4pm, 9-7-2014



Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers established in 2005 in Santa Fe, NM is a blues band with a nefarious group of musicians including, Shakti Hayes on Bass, Beaver Thomas and Brock Stonefish on guitars, Johnny Ringo on horns, Billy Jack Meyers on drums, Hook Herrera on harmonica and Gary Farmer on vocals.

Gary Farmer and TrobleMakers

Warrior up!

We are honored and pleased to announce the second Totem Pole Journey, which will be taking place this August. The Journey will connect communities all along the rail line from the Bakken oil fields and Powder River Basin coal mines, through the Salish Sea and up into Canada’s tar sands.