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Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 4pm pacific on “Make No Bones About It.” Only on KAOS Community Radio.Raven visits with Marcos Terena, Chief Phil Lane Jr and Jessica Begin.


Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 4pm pacific on “Make No Bones About It.”  Only on KAOS Community Radio.Raven visits with Marcos Terena, Chief Phil Lane Jr and Jessica Begin.

‘We who believe are most familiar with nature … you must become our allies. Do not fear us because the future of the Indians is your future too. And it is also the future of the planet.” 
– Marcos Terena


Marcos Terena is the son of Terena Indigenous People from Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. He is currently the Chair of Indigenous People Memorial and a Department member of Indigena Itinerante. Mr. Terena is also the founder of the First Indigenous Movement in Brazil: the Indigenous United Nation (UNIND). He is a spokesman for indigenous people and a writer. Author of books: “The Indigenous Pilot” and “Citizens of the Jungle.” He masterminded the Indegenous Park Kari-Oca, where UN supported the Environment and Indegenous Peoples Territory Conference. He advocated at UN and OAE for permanent forum about Indegenous Rights in New York for the coalition of Land is Life. For more info visit site: www.tvintertribal.com.br


Chief Phil Lane Jr. (Philip Nathan Lane, Jr.) (born 1944) is a traditionally recognized Hereditary Chief and Elder.[1] He is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is a citizen of both Canada and the United States. With Masters Degrees in Education at National University and Public Administration at the University of Washington, Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is an internationally recognized  indigenous leader in human and community development. The founder and chairman of the Four World’s International Institute (FWII), an organization dedicated to “unifying the human family through the Fourth Way”, Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is the recipient of many awards, including the John Denver Windstar Award, and is a frequent speaker on behalf of indigenous rights and wisdom. York for the coalition of Land is Life. For more info visit site: http://www.fwii.net/


Jessica Begin is a multidisciplinary Canadian Visionary artist, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. From a young age Jessica was fascinated by the beauty, geometry and color found in nature, and she considers nature her greatest teacher and inspiration – all of her work invokes and seeks to express the dance of life, the play of color and form, the inherent beauty and mystery we find all around us. Largely self-taught, Jessica has dedicated her life to creating and studying how to create through her relationship with life and her love of beauty. Through her delight in the beauty of the world, the creative dance with light, shadow, form and color, has come naturally to her. Jessica is dedicated to honing her creative channel and ability to receive and transmit consciousness, healing and beauty. For more info visit site http://waterbird11.wix.com/jessicabegin#!__about-the-artist

Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 4pm pacific on Make No Bones About It. Only on KAOS Community Radio.Raven visits with Marcos Terena, Chief Phil Lane Jr and Jessica Begin.

John Two-Hawks is a GRAMMY® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award Winning Virtuoso Native American Flute Music recording artist on “Make No Bones About It.” July 5th, 2015 at 5 pm


John Two-Hawks
John Two-Hawks is a GRAMMY® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award Winning Virtuoso Native American Flute Music recording artist whose music has been featured in movies by Fox Searchlight, films by  HBO, and programs by The History Channel.  An international touring artist, Two-Hawks has performed for audiences as large as 12,000.  The music of John Two-Hawks soars with breath taking symphonic sounds in one moment, and then soothes the spirit with the powerful organic voice of a lone flute in the next.  A Master Virtuoso Native American Flutist, John is also an extraordinary musician, vocalist and composer.  And Two-Hawks has always held fast to his Oglala Lakota Sioux lineage and culture, and it is from this place that the soul of all his incredible music is born..

As well as his established reputation as a musician and recording artist, John is also a veteran, award winning stage and screen actor (member of SAG), a published author, and a gifted  inspirational keynote speaker who has shared the speaking stage with former Presidents, acting Senators and Hollywood celebrities.  Regardless of the engagement, John Two-Hawks never fails  to deliver a high standard of excellence, integrity and professionalism.

John Two-Hawks’ Website  –  John’s Music Videos  –  John’s Facebook Fan Page

Eddy Lawrence on “Make No Bones About It.” 2-1-2015 at 4pm


Eddy Lawrence

Image from : Palmer Street Coffeehouse, Plattsburgh, New York, 2009

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Eddy Lawrence spent a decade in New York City before settling in the North Country of New York State in 1992. His songs and recordings have garnered critical praise in many publications, including Dirty Linen, Acoustic Guitar, The Village Voice, CMJ, Folk-Roots, Performing Songwriter, New Country, and Sing Out!.

Eddy has appeared at clubs, coffeehouses, and festivals across North America, both as a headliner and as an opening act for many well-known artists. These days, he performs in concert with his wife, Kim, who accompanies him on upright bass. The duo has recently released a new all-acoustic CD called “My Second Wife’s First Album”. The recording is their first together and the ninth album of Eddy’s original songs.

Eddy first gained attention in New York City’s thriving East Village music scene of the early 1980s. He got his start with the seminal NYC roots-rock band, LESR, before releasing his first solo album, “Walker County” in 1986. That LP was an acoustic homage to his home state of Alabama, recorded in his Lower East Side walk-up apartment, using sparse instrumentation: acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass. For the next 15 years, Eddy worked the folk music circuit, playing coffeehouses, festivals, and clubs in support of the acoustic albums he was releasing. He mainly toured in the Northeastern US, but sometimes traveled farther afield and crisscrossed the US several times. “Going to Water”, released in 2001, harked back to his rock and roll days, featuring electric guitars, bass, and drums. In 2004 he released “Inside My Secret Pocket”, an album that featured both acoustic and electric material.

Shortly after the release of “Secret Pocket”, Eddy scaled back promotion of his own albums and songwriting in order to focus on producing recordings by Native American artists, several of which were released on his own Snowplow label. These CDs, which he produced, arranged, recorded, and played on, were well-received in Indian Country and two of them were nominated for Native American Music Awards (NAMMYs).

With “My Second Wife’s First Album”, Eddy has reentered the world of the singer-songwriter, returning to the acoustic sounds that first brought attention to his music back in the 1980s. Growing up in Alabama, with deep roots in the red clay of then-rural Walker County, Eddy was immersed in the old-time folk, country, blues, and bluegrass traditions that flourished there. He has called the area where he came from “the place where the Appalachians meet the Delta”, in reference to the musical melting pot that fused traditional European and African elements, spawning the folk, blues, gospel, rock, and soul music that heavily influenced popular music worldwide in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Eddy’s songs have appeared on many compilation albums, including NPR’s “Car Talk Car Tunes” and nine Fast Folk albums, which have been acquired by the Folkways division of the Smithsonian.

Venues where Eddy has performed include: The Birchmere, the Bluebird Café, The Bottom Line, Bound for Glory, Caffe Lena, Johnny D’s, Middle East Nightclub, Minstrel Coffeehouse, Ram’s Head Tavern, Roaring Brook Concerts, Vancouver Folk Music Festival (main stage) and many others.


Eddy Lawrence – Bio

American Indian Lobby Day 2015

Robert Satiacum and Robert Upham 

American Indian Lobby Day 2015 Flier

2015 Flier

Some of the Bills to look for

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Arlette Loud Hawk on Make No Bones About it. 1-12-2014 at 5pm


Arlette Loudhawk was born on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and survived Wounded Knee 2 at the age of 14


5th Annual Sunrise Ceremony.Healing History: Let’s Make It Right.

Thursday, November 28, 2013
“Steh-chas” (Marathon Park) , Deschutes Pky SW, Olympia, WA, 98511
What: 5th Annual Sunrise Ceremony Gathering ( to connect with the Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz on Thanksgiving) – This event is one day on Thursday November 24, 2011, sunrise 8:00 am.
The sunrise ceremony the continuing effort of a reconciliation process that is happening in Olympia. We have had dialogues with all the Native and Non Native Peoples that were willing to come and share their stories through reconciliation meetings, as well as video presentations of how our past unfolded.
Our hope is by bri…nging people together through the path of the sacred it will provide a safe place that invite natives and non natives a place to come so we are all able to build relationships between both worlds.
“I would suggest that Thanksgiving, go beyond the gratefulness of the harvest and should be dedicated as well to all our ancestors and give thanks for the things they have taught us.”- Barry White Crow Higgins

Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash Elder – shares about Sukinanik’oy Festival

Sukinanik’oy is a Native American word meaning, “to bring back to life” A Spiritual Collective Art Festival Restoring the Cultural Beauty of the Chumash

Proceeds will go to paying land taxes for recently acquired land given to our local band of Native Americans, with the intent of building a NON PROFIT Community Educational and Cultural and Education Center; a native plant habitat, a tribal library and a place of honor for Native American Veterans

Company Overview
Barbareno/Ventureno band of Mission Indians (BVBMI) Currently accepting donations through CAUSE for paying property taxes acquired with the gifting back of land in Saticoy, CA.


On July 21st, 2012, the FIRST ANNUAL Festival of SUKINANIK’OY, a celebration of bringing Chumash History back to life in Ventura County, will be held at The Pottery Studio, 1804 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai from 10 am to 8 pm. In fact, Sukinanik’oy is a Native American word meaning, “to bring back to life”. For the Barbareno/Ventureno band of Mission Indians (BVBMI), this is a day of celebrating the first…

See More

General Information


10:00-10:30 AM Opening Ceremony Julie Tumamait/ R. Bejarano

10:30-10:50 AM Ceremonial QiGong with live flute- Beth Leone

11:00-11:50 AM Smitty West /Three Amigos
12:00-12:30 PM J. Tumamait-Stenslie (Chumash stories…)

12:40-1:30 PM Raymond Powers, Shyla RaySunshine,
Chris B. Olds and Tony Shibumi

1:45-2:05 PM Sukinanik’oy speaker; Carol Janelle

2:10-2:30 PM Greg Bressani– Flute Spirit Journey

2:40-3:00 PM Erich Lenk- guitar/ song writer

3:10-3:30PM Dani Ma-guitar/ song writer
3:45-4:35 PM Restless Hillfillies- local female trio

4:45-5:10 PM Judy Piazza / drums

5:15-5:35PM Conner Jones Re-Introducing Native plants

5:45-6:05 PM Alyzabeth Rhiannon Anath (Dance)

6:15-6:40 PM Rafeal Bejarano- didgeridoo

6:45-7:05 PM Jam session-Rafeal Bejarano, Greg Bressani,
Dennis Connor
7:15-7:40 PM Red Hawk – FIRE CEREMONY

7:45-8:10 PM Elena Rios Aztec dancers

8: 15 PM DRUMMERS let loose….



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